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Automate your brain with daily system notifications
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##brain was made in a couple days to show something nifty at job interviews. automate your brain OSX -


  • git clone in a directory of your choice
  • npm update && npm install


  • to set up quark-shell see this README
  • open x-code/quark-shell.xcworkspace in xcode, hit the 'play' button
  • open the html file @ x-code/app/index.html in a browser


  • webpack --watch

##compile executable

  • open x-code/quark-shell.xcworkspace in xcode
  • product > archive > export > 'Export as a Mac Application'

#to do

  • add ternary to detect quark global object and switch to console.log in browser
  • add current time as default time
  • add install instructions for quark and remove from repo, it's quite large
  • set up tape test over time parsing modules
  • add GUI time selector (3rd party or get browser one to work)
  • add weekends / weekdays toggle to items
  • add 'every x minutes/hours/days' time parser
  • add countdown button - 'in ten minutes' alarms, for "getting laundry out of washing machine etc."
  • create nagging option (default) - notifications reappear until they have been clicked
  • add checkboxes to items to prevent alarms from going off - clear at midnight
  • remove all unused packages and files(remnants of larger template project)
  • submit on enter
  • test start on login
  • add icon to notification window
  • create mobile application using phonegap (sync mobile notifications with desktop)
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