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Bootzilla is a suite of CSS components and JS features for developing apps in B2G
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Bootzilla is a suite of CSS components and JS components and utilities for developing apps in B2G.

You should not modify your local copy of bootzilla, if you have some extra requirments or need and new component just make a pull request, or contact directly with the owners/collaborators.

Folder structure:

        /bitmap                 => Bitmap images used in the UI, mainly icons
            root.css            => All base styles that we need to normalize the starting point for cross-browser development.
            fonts.css           => All the font families used in B2G
            app.css             => Common set-up for creating app layouts
            package.css         => Includes: All the CSS files in the same folder
            buttons.css         => All the button types and structures related that the system provides
            icons.css           => Icons provided by the system, could be bitmaps, fonts, or svg
            layout.css          => Low and medium level components for setting up responsive strcutures
            forms.css           => Low and medium structures for creating forms
            lists.css           => High level strcutures for crafting lists
            navigations.css     => High level strcutures for navigation use cases
            package.css         => Includes: All the CSS files in the same folder
        package.css             => Includes: All the CSS files in bootzilla

        responsive.js               => Allows to scale the UI smotthly as per the device dpi
        infinite-scroll.js          => Component for creating typical autoload items list
        templates.js                    => Simple templating mechanism
        xml-events.js               => Declarative event handler registration
        multicard.js                    => In-page transitions
        appstates.js                    => Dealing with application states and CSS
        logger.js                       => Dealing with logs in a clean manner
        builder.js                      => Construct XML cleanly by implementing the builder pattern

/examples                           => Here you will find an index with all the availables examples
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