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The Fastest Meta Programming Library

A versatile collection of compile time optimized tools for C++ programming.

Actions: Test Runner

Target Compilers

This library uses the latest C++ features available in GCC, Clang and Visual Studio 2019 and 2022. It compiles in "c++20" mode on all compilers.

Currently tested Compilers:

  • Clang 12 to 15
  • GCC 11, 12
  • Visual Studio 2019 v16.11.x, 2022 v17.4.x


Co-Cpp19 contains a lot of sublibraries and is splitted into many small headers. This aims to enable the "pay only what you use policy" of C++ at compile time.

  • cpp19 - compiler configuration (yours should be somewhat similar)
  • array19 - static and dynamic arrays, slices
  • meta19 - utilities, type, index and pack wrappers and operations
  • coro19 - basic coroutine with generator support
  • strong19 - named strong types with tags
  • enum19 - inspectable enum definitions
  • string19 - compiletime string, view and string rope
  • tuple19 - faster to compile std::tuple replacement
  • optional19 - continuable optional and packed optional
  • variant19 - faster compile and runtime std::variant replacement
  • partial19 - densly packed and heap managed tuple<optional<>>
  • serialize19 - customizable binary serialisation and deserialisation

Work in progress libraries, with less tests:

  • signal19 - fast signal and slot handling
  • lookup19 - ordered dynamic array lookup container

Naming Schema

C++ uses a unified namespace between types, functions and constants. Therefore we use the following patterns.

  • UpperCamelCasing for types
  • lowerCamelCasing for functions
  • UPPER_CASING for precompiler definitions
  • lower_casing for constexpr constants, concepts and namespaces

Words and Phrases

  • *Of - reflects something of a type
  • *At - uses something at an index
  • [v]From() - converts from arguments to v
  • *Type* - indicates that the method is just a signature for usage with decltype()