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Basic RUM - backoffice

(open source Real User Web Performance Monitoring System)

The backoffice of Basic RUM. A system written on Symfony 5 that aims to help performance enthusiasts to look at performance metrics and identify performance bottlenecks. Hooray!

alt Basic RUM dashboard

I want to contribute!

Checkout the C


The instruction below are applicable only for development but аrе incomplete for production. This installation will automatically initialized Basic RUM with demo data.

Prerequisites Linux/MacOs

  • docker
  • docker-compose

Prerequisites Windows

Please follow this guide: Run Basic RUM on Windows

The init script will ask you to create an admin user during the installation process.

git clone
cd backoffice
make init

In order to load demo data run:

make demo


If you would like to use Xdebug to profile/debug application on your local machine, it can be easily enabled by adding XDEBUG_ON=Y in your .env file or by adding it to your shell (export XDEBUG_ON=Y). make restart is required to apply the changes - it will rebuild application container and add Xdebug extension.

Accessing Basic RUM and its local database:

Mac OS with docker machine: Run docker-machine ip and load http://(put docker ip here):8086

Once logged in you can create new users. For that click hamburger menu in top left corner and click to Manage Users. And there click create user button in order to create your first user.

Key features:

  • Performance over time by Mobile, Tablet and Desktop devices.
  • Diagram Generator by metrics like time to first paint, time to first byte, document ready and etc.
  • Waterfall visualization of loaded page resources
  • Device distribution diagram.
  • Boomerang JS agent builder.
  • Adding release dates in order to track performance changes before and after releases.
  • and more...

Performance over time:

alt Perofrmance over time by devices

Diagram Generator

alt Diagram Generator - Time To First Paint

Waterfall visualization

alt Page Resouces waterfall diagram

Boomerang JS - Agent Builder

alt Boomerang JS - Agent Builder


Backoffice of Basic RUM which serves performance enthusiasts look at waterfall diagrams and generate some diagrams on their own. Hooray!




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