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Quick Start

Build an optimal X86 simulator

You may need to install g++, scons, swig, python-dev, zlib1g-dev, and m4 (all Ubuntu package names) before invoking the following command:

scons build/X86/gem5.opt -j8

Full explanation of the above command line: http://www.m5sim.org/Build_System

Run a simple benchmark

You can use your own (statically linked) programs, or make some in the benchmarks dir.

To try default configuration, run an example in the system call emulation (SE) mode:

./build/X86/gem5.opt ./configs/example/se.py --cpu-type=timing --caches --l2cache -c ./benchmarks/hash_table.o -o '1 32'

"--caches" requires CPU L1 caches.

Integration with IDE

We recommend Eclipse plus SConsolidator.

Simple steps: see how to install and import a SCons-based project.

A full detailed article: Configuring Eclipse and gem5 for single step python and c++ debug.

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