Minecraft server wrapper and deployment.



This is a deployment and console wrapper for Minecraft which allows for more convenient administration of a Minecraft server.


gem install minecraft

This will install the Minecraft extension library and binary, the Minecraft server jarfile will be downloaded from http://minecraft.net when the binary is ran for the first time.


mkdir ~/MinecraftServer
cd ~/MinecraftServer

minecraft -h

Current Features

Please refer to Minecraft::Extensions#initialize.

!give <item> <quantity>       # Gives the user an <item>, the <quantity> 
                              # upper bound is 2560 unlike the Minecraft 
                              # default of 64.  Items can be specified by
                              # approximate name.
!giveall <item> <quantity>    # Gives all connected users an <item>.
!tp <target_user>             # Teleports the user to the <target_user>.
!tpall                        # Teleports all connected user to the user.
!nom                          # Give a golden apple the user.
!nomall                       # Give a golden apple to every connected user.
!kit <group>                  # Gives a kit to the user.
!kitall <group>               # Give a kit to every connected user.
!kitlist                      # Lists the available kits.
!addtimer <item> <frequency>  # Adds a timer to give <item> to the user ever <frequency> seconds.
!deltimer <item>              # Delete a timer associated with <item>.
!printtimer                   # Print timers of the user.
!printtime                    # Print the current counter time.
!list                         # List the connected users, notes ops.
!property <key>               # Check a server property by key.
!property                     # List server properties available.
!s <label> <command>          # Associates a command to a shortcut label for the user.
!s <label>                    # Runs the command with the associated label.
!shortcuts                    # Lists the users shortcuts.
!rules                        # Prints the server rules.
!uptime <user>                # Prints the uptime of the given user.
!uptime                       # Prints the uptime of the current user.
!help                         # Outputs the help contents.
!hop <user>                   # Give a user half-op privileges.
!dehop <user>                 # Remove a users half-op privileges.
!morning                      # Change time of day to morning.
!evening                      # Change time of day to evening.
!day                          # Change time of day to daytime.
!night                        # Change time of day to night.
!dawn                         # Change time of day to dawn.
!dusk                         # Change time of day to dusk.
!roulette                     # Kick a random person, person requesting has a higher chance.
!kickvote <user>              # Initiate or vote for a kickvote against a user.
!kickvote                     # Vote to kick the last initiated user.
!vote                         # Vote to kick the last initiated user.
!cancelvote <user>            # Cancel to kickvote on a user.
!points <user> <quantity>     # Give a user points.
!board <user>                 # Check a users points.
!board                        # View the leaderboard of points.
!om <noms>                    # Give golden apples equivalent to the number of noms.
!warptime                     # Prints the current time rate.
!warptime <rate>              # Adds <rate> seconds every ten seconds to time.
!stop                         # Stops all the users timers.
!welcome                      # Changes the welcome message during runtime.
!memo <user> <message>        # Leaves a memo for the user.
!disco                        # Turns time into a dancefloor.
!dnd                          # Toggles the users do-not-disturb status.
!disturb <user>               # An op can remove a user from the DND list.
!printdnd                     # Prints the list of do-not-disturbed users.
!todo                         # Prints the list of items todo.
!todo <item>                  # Adds a todo list item.
!finished <item>              # Removes an item from the todo list.

Development Path

Major Release Milestone

  • Complete test coverage
  • Complete documentation coverage
  • All feature requests closed
  • All bugs closed
  • Thorough testing done across multiple environments

Semantic Versioning

  • http://semver.org
  • Currently minor and patch level releases are being made, nothing is stable yet.
  • Once the repository is completely stable and I am satisified with the feature set, a major version will be released. Any changes afterwards are backwards compatible until the major version is incremented.


Forks are welcomed, pull requests will be prompty reviewed!

  • Ian Horsman

Pull Request Guide

Pull requests are currently being accepted, please make sure that you fork off of the development branch, preferably then developing on a feature branch.

Make sure your code includes tests and follow similar methodologies used in the the code base, make sure to read relevant chunks of the code base before committing. Pull requests will be merged very strictly.

Read https://github.com/basicxman/minecraft/wiki/Writing-tests for how we develop code with test driven development.

For any non-straightforward functionality (especially command naming and syntax) you are encouraged to open up an http://github.com/basicxman/minecraft/issues for discussion, issues will be read and commented on promptly. Remember to report any bugs as well, a bug can be something as simple as a command not returning feedback to the user.


Minecraft is copyright of Mojang AB and developed by Markus Persson (@notch).