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WinDivertTool.exe is a simple program for:

  • Listing information about which (if any) programs are using WinDivert.
  • Terminating all programs that are using WinDivert.
  • Uninstalling WinDivert from your system.

WinDivertTool.exe is designed to work for any version of WinDivert.

What is WinDivert?

WinDivert is an open source (LGPL) software package for capturing and modifying network packets for Windows. WinDivert was originally developed as part of the ReQrypt project for tunneling HTTP(S) traffic. Since then, WinDivert has used by many applications such as packet filtering, packet sniffing, firewalls, NATs, VPNs, tunneling applications, etc. Some projects that use WinDivert include:

Why is WinDivert on my system?

If you find any of the WinDivert.dll, WinDivert32.sys or WinDivert64.sys files on your system it probably means one (or more) program/application is using WinDivert. You can run WinDivertTool.exe to get a list of all programs currently using WinDivert, for example:

    C:\> WinDivertTool.exe
    __      ___      ___  _             _  _____         _
    \ \    / (_)_ _ |   \(_)_ _____ _ _| ||_   _|__  ___| |
     \ \/\/ /| | ' \| |) | \ V / -_) '_|  _|| |/ _ \/ _ \ |
      \_/\_/ |_|_||_|___/|_|\_/\___|_|  \__||_|\___/\___/_| VERSION 2.2
    FOUND   C:\Program Files (x86)\Tallow\tallow.exe
            Hash=2cafec8e56c0380a61d6e5eea1e5ad0b618bb2d1936b4fe6d9ce7c839f051bea (SHA256)
            WinDivertFilter="outbound and ip.DstAddr >= and ip.DstAddr <="

In this example, the WinDivertTool.exe output indicates that a program called tallow.exe (see the Tallow project) is using WinDivert. The WinDivertTool.exe also prints some additional technical information, including the process ID and hash, as well as the WinDivert version, filter string, layer, priority and flags.

How do I uninstall WinDivert?

The recommended method for uninstalling WinDivert is to uninstall whatever application is using it. In the example above, this can be achieved by uninstalling Tallow.

WinDivertTool.exe can also forcibly terminate all programs/applications using WinDivert and uninstall the WinDivert driver(s) from your system. This approach is not recommended and should only be used as a last resort. To forcibly uninstall WinDivert, run WinDivertTool.exe with the uninstall argument:

    C:\> WinDivertTool.exe uninstall

Note that this will not prevent the program/application from reinstalling WinDivert after WinDivertTool.exe has completed.

Security Considerations

For security reasons, a program using WinDivert must have Administrator access rights, else the WinDivert driver will refuse to load/work. This policy mirrors similar policies for related tools on other platforms, such as divert sockets for MacOSX and netfilterqueue for Linux. Programs do not run as Administrator by default, and a program requesting Administrator rights will trigger a comfirmation via the UAC prompt.

This means that all programs listed by WinDivertTool.exe are running with Administrator access rights.

WinDivertTool.exe also requires Administrator access to query the relevant the system for WinDivert drivers and handles. Furthermore, process termination also requires Administrator access. As a result, you may be prompted by Windows UAC when WinDivertTool.exe is run. WinDivertTool.exe does not install the WinDivert driver, but it may query any existing WinDivert driver that is already installed on your system.


After WinDivert has been uninstalled, WinDivertTool.exe cannot prevent another application reinstalling it. If you do not want a program using WinDivert then you must uninstall the program.

WinDivertTool.exe cannot detect modified versions of the WinDivert driver and service.

WinDivertTool.exe cannot get detailed information from older versions (pre-2.0.0) of the WinDivert driver. As a result, some information may be missing and displayed as ???.

WinDivertTool.exe is beta quality software so there may be some bugs. Please report any bug here:


WinDivertTool.exe depends on the WinDivert runtime. To build, unzip the WinDivert source code into the current directory then run make. Currently only Linux cross-compilation is supported.


WinDivertTool.exe is distributed under the GNU Public License (GPL) Version 3.