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Project CSS E1 Color

Topics: Foreground vs Background , Hexadecimal , RGB Colors , Hex and RGB , Hue, Saturation, and Lightness , Opacity and Alpha

If you are not familiar with them please download Learn CSS eBook from (

Project Title: Rainbow

  1. Create a html file with your name like john.html
  2. Add current code to that file:
<!DOCTYPE html>
  /* your css code here */
    <!-- your html code here -->
  1. Create 3 div next to each other in body with class header, main and footer.

  2. Make all divs centerd and max-width to 600px

  3. Set header background color to Cyan and color to DarkBlue. Add h1 to header with this text: Rainbow

  4. Set conent background color to Aqua with #XXX color format not Aqua value.

  5. Create h2 inside content and set color to green with rbg color format not green value. Put Green Color into h2.

  6. Create paragraph next to h2 and enter lorem ipsum into it. Set color to HSL format (hue=240 , saturation =60% and lightness =30%)

  7. Set footer background color ro hlsa format (hue=0 , saturation =50%, lightness =60%, Opacity = 0.5). Set color to #XXXXXX format make set it black and enter Copyright reserved.

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