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Project CSS E1 Grid


Creating a Grid , Basic Grid , Creating Columns , Creating Rows , Grid Template , Fraction , Repeat , minmax , Grid Gap , Grid Items , Multiple Row Items , Grid Row , Grid Column , Grid Area

Project Title: Website Skeleton

  1. Create a html file with your name like john.html
  2. Add current code to that file:
<!DOCTYPE html>
  /* your css code here */
    <!-- your html code here -->
  1. Set all divs style to border-radius 10px and padding 10px

  2. Create a div and set class to container. Set display to grid.

  3. Add 4 divs inside container with following classes:

  • header: It wraps all width and background-color is gary. Content is Header.
  • sidebar: It is under header and covers 25% of width of the screen. background-color is yellow. Content is Sidebar
  • main: It is under header and next to sidebar and covers 75% of width of the screen. background-color is green. Content is Main
  • footer: It wraps all width. background-color is blue. Content is Footer
  1. Create 10px gap between sections.

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