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Project HTML A1 Introduction

Topics: What is HTML, HTML Anatomy, The Body, HTML Structure, Headings, Divs, Attributes, Displaying Text, Styling Text, Line Breaks, Unordered Lists, Ordered Lists, Images, Image Alts, Videos

Project Title: Biography Page

  1. Create a html file with your name like john.html in this folder and edit it with VS Code as follow. Note: Open chrome side by side and open this file into it to check your changes.

  2. Create html, head, body tag.

  3. Create title tag inside head tag with this content: Biography Page.

  4. Create h1 tag inside body tag with this content: <Your-Name> Biography page.

  5. Create p tag next to h1 tag with this content: I was born in ....

  6. Create h2 next to p tag with this content: Achivements.

  7. Create unordered list next to h2 tag with this items: Achivements 1, Achivements 2, Achivements 3.

  8. Create h2 next to ul tag with this content: Family Members.

  9. Create ordered list next to h2 tag with this items: Spounse: <Your-Spounse-Name>, Son: <Your-Son-Name>, Girl: <Your-Girl-Name>.

  10. Create h2 next to ol tag with this content: My Photo.

  11. Create img next to h2 tag and set src to Also set alt to my photo.

  12. Create video next to img tag and set src to

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