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Project HTML B1 HTML Document Standards

Topics: tag , The Head , Page Titles , Linking to Other Web Pages , Opening Links in a New Window , Linking to Relative Page , Linking At Will , Linking to Same Page , Whitespace , Indentation , Comments , HTML Tags

Project Title: Personal Blog

  1. Create a folder with your name in this folder like john and go to this folder.

  2. Create index.html in newly created folder and edit it with VS Code as follow. Note: Open chrome side by side and open this file into it to check your changes.

  3. Create html, head, body tag.

  4. Create title tag inside head tag with this content: My Personal Blog

  5. Create h1 tag inside body tag with this content: My Personal Blog

  6. Create div and inside it create h2 tag with this contnet: My First Post Title

  7. Create p next to h2 tag with this contnet: My First Post Body

  8. Create a next to p tag with this contnet: Continue Reading. Set href="first-post.html"

  9. Duplicate index.html and rename it to first-post.html.

  10. Change title and h1 from My Personal Blog to My First Post.

  11. Change a tag content to Back to blog and href to "index.html"

  12. Save all files and open index.html in chrome and click on Continue Reading, then in new page click on Back to blog to make sure that links work.

  13. Add a new post to index.html by duplicating entire div tag and renaming My First Post to My Second Post.

  14. Change a tag in second post so that it open link in new tab or window in chrome.

  15. Add a new div at the end of index.html.

  16. Add a a inside this div with this title: Search Google and link it to

  17. Add another a inside this div with this title: Back To Top and link it with # to top of this page.

  18. Check the result in the Chrome.

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