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Project HTML C1 Tables

Topics : Create a Table , Table Rows , Table Data , Table Headings , Table Borders , Spanning Columns , Spanning Rows , Table Body , Table Head , Table Footer , Styling with CSS , HTML Tables

Project Title: Student Transcript

  1. Open VS Code and Create an html file with your name like john.html in project folder and add this code to it:
<!DOCTYPE html>
  1. Create a table to show student transcript.
  2. Add table header with 3 columns:
  • Course
  • Grade
  • Credit
  1. Add table body with 3 rows:

Computer A+ 3.0 English B- 4.0 Math C 4.0

  1. Add table footer like this: Sum Credit: 11.0

  2. Create another table to show student info.

  3. Add a table row with rowspan 2 to show: Name / Family

  4. Add a table row with 3 column:

  • Year Attended
  • Year Graduated
  • GPA
  1. Add a table row to show data for above items.

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