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Project HTML D1 Forms

Topics : Create a Table How a Form Works , Text Input , Adding a Label , Password Input , Number Input , Range Input , Checkbox Input , Radio Button Input , Dropdown list , Datalist Input , Textarea element , Submit Form , Form Validation , Requiring an Input , Set a Minimum and Maximum , Checking Text Length , Matching a Pattern

Project Title: Booking Form

  1. Open VS Code and Create an html file with your name like john.html in project folder and add this code to it:
<!DOCTYPE html>
  1. Create a form, set action to book.php and type to post

  2. Create text input for First Name, Last Name, Email, Phone, Departure Date, Departure Time, Number of Passengers

  • Passengers input type is number
  • Email input type is email
  1. Create redio input for Type of Ticket includes Ecomony, Business and First Class

  2. Create a Dropdown list for Gender includes Male, Female, Other

  3. Create a Datalist for Features includes TV, Drink, Food, Launch

  4. Create textarea for Special Conditions field.

  5. Create check box button to Accept Booking Conditions

  6. Add Book button of type submit

  7. Add Clear button of type reset

  8. Make First Name, Last Name required.

  9. Set minimum and maximum for Number of Passengers to 1, 5.

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