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Project JavaScript B1 Variables

Topics: Create a Variable: let , Create a Variable: const , Mathematical Assignment Operators , The Increment and Decrement Operator , String Concatenation with Variables , String Interpolation , typeof operator , Review Variables

Project Title: College Cost Calculator

  1. Create a html file with your name like john.html
  2. Add current code to that file:
<!DOCTYPE html>
      // your code here
  1. For a 4 years college degree, define two variables:
  • Annual cost: $35000
  • Inflation rate: %5

All variables are number.

  1. Calculate the Total Cost for a 4 years college degree and log it into console like this:

For a 4 years college degree with annual cost: ${annualCost} and inflation rate: ${inflationRate}, you have to pay ${totalCost}.

  1. Imagine you have 5 years to save money for college. How much do you need to save annually to afford the college cost? Log the result into console like this:

You need to save ${annualSaving} annually for ${yearsUntilCollege} years.

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