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Project JavaScript H1 OBJECTS

Topics: Creating Object Literals , Accessing Properties , Bracket Notation , Property Assignment , Methods , Nested Objects , Pass By Reference , Looping Through Objects

If you are not familiar with them please download Learn JavaScript eBook from

Project Title: Employee

  1. Create a html file with your name like john.html
  2. Add current code to that file:
<!DOCTYPE html>
      // your code here
  1. Create an employee object with Object Literals and define 3 fields for name, age, and department and set values for them.

  2. Log them into console like this message: "Employee Info: Name: name, Age: age, Department: department"

  3. Add a new property to employee for phone number and set it to 00123456789. then log it into console like this: "Employee name number is phone number".

    Note: Use bracket notation for phone number

  4. Define a function name getPropValue that gets a object and a property and returns value of the property in that object.

  5. Use this function to log name and phone number into console.

  6. Add a method to employee named showVisitCard() and log all employee properties into console. Then call this method

  7. Add a property named educations and set it like this:

employee.educations = {
  universtiy1: { gpa: 3.5, year: 2019 },
  universtiy2: { gpa: 4.0, year: 2015 },
  universtiy3: { gpa: 3.75, year: 2010 },
  universtiy4: { gpa: 3.0, year: 2005 }
  1. Log educations into console using for in command.

  2. Calculate average of gpa and log it into console.

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