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Project JavaScript J1 Brower Transpilations

Topics: Finding browser compatibility , Why ES6? , Transpilation With Babel , npm init , Install Node Packages , .babelrc , Babel Source Lib , Build

If you are not familiar with them please download Learn JavaScript eBook from

Project Title: Computer Platform Name

  1. Install node.js on your computer from

  2. Open terminal and run node -v and check node version. If you get error you have not installed node.js.

  3. Create a new folder named your-name inside this folder.

  4. Open this folder in VSCode by running this command in terminal code your-name

  5. Go to this folder and create a new folder named src and create file named index.js inside src

  6. Edit index.js in VSCode to log Hello Node.js into console.

  7. Open Menu Terminal> New Terminal and enter this command:

$ node src/index.js
  1. Congrats. You have written your first program in Node.js. Press Ctrl+C to exit from program.

  2. Write this code inside index.js

import os from "os";
console.log("Platform: " + os.platform());

In this code we have used import command that isn't currently enabled in Node.js. So we need to convert it to lower version like ES5 with babel.

  1. run npm init in terminal to create a node.js application. For all questions press enter.

  2. install packages to use babel with this commands in terminal:

$ npm install babel-cli -D
$ npm install babel-preset-env -D
  1. Create file named .babelrc and add this code to it:
  "presets": ["env"]
  1. Edit package.json like this to add two commands:
"scripts": {
"build": "babel src -d prod",
"start": "node prod"
  1. Run npm run build. This command runs babel src -d prod that convert javascript files inside src folder to ES5 version so that they can be run on Node.js.

  2. Run npm run start. This command runs node prod/index.js run the project and log your platform name like win32 into console.

  3. Use this file and folder structure to code in modern javascript like ES6, ES7, ... .

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