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Project JavaScript M2 Ajax Requests

Topics: fetch() GET Requests, fetch() POST Requests, async GET Requests, async POST Requests

Project Title: User Management

  1. Create a html file with your name like john.html
  2. Add current code to that file:
<!DOCTYPE html>
      // your code here
  1. Show user at page 2 by running fetch() Get Request over this url:
  1. Get Info a single user and show in console.
  1. Create a new user.
  "name": "morpheus",
  "job": "leader"
  1. Update a user.
  "name": "morpheus",
  "job": "zion resident"
  1. Delete a user.
  "name": "morpheus",
  "job": "zion resident"
  1. Login a user and show token into console.
  "email": "",
  "password": "cityslicka"

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