This project shows a slightly more complex example of a ZendFramework based application
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.zfproject.xml - a slightly more complex example of a Zend Framework based application is a very basic short url service which mainly serves as an example for a slighly more complex example for a Zend Framework based application that deals with some very common tasks like i18n, integration of Javascript Frameworks(Dojo in this case) and a structure for adding own functionality to the framework.

Please absolutely feel free to use this in any way and don't forget to push fixes/improvement back, I will be more than happy to integrate them :-)!


To get started create a fresh MySql database named zf und a user zf with password zf on localhost and copy ./application/configs/application_localhost.ini to ./application/configs/application.ini

Go to and download the laterst version of Zend Framework and copy the folder library/Zend from the downloaded package to ./library

The directory ./resources/sql contains the file setup.sql providing al needed sql to initialize the database. I also added the Eclipse project files


This project is released under MIT license.