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A Slimy Common Lisp TextMate bundle.
Perl Common Lisp
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Common Lisp TextMate Bundle


Manual Steps

Needed by completionCommand :

ln -s ~/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Bundles/Common\ Lisp.tmbundle/Support/sbcl_completions ~/.sbcl_completions

The Grab Source command needs the src and contrib folders of the sbcl sources to be present in ~/.cl/sys.
The Documentation for Word command looks in ~/.cl/doc/hyperspec.
You can add a --local argument to cldoc if ~/.cl/doc/cltl2 exists.


You can't interact with your Lisp interpreter unless you start a session (Control-Command-Shift-O by default).
A short presentation is available here.
I've also made a lispy theme: Coal Graal.

TextMate 2

Charles Stain started a TextMate 2 port. The TM_2 branch incorporates his changes.

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