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If arguments are given, outputs the title of each arguments, otherwise outputs the title of the active window and continue to output it as it changes if the snoop mode is on.


xtitle [-h|-v|-s|-e|-i|-f FORMAT|-t NUMBER] [WID ...]


  • -h — Print the synopsis to standard output and exit.
  • -v — Print the version to standard output and exit.
  • -s — Activate the snoop mode.
  • -e — Escape the following characters: ', " and \.
  • -i — Try to retrieve the title from the _NET_WM_VISIBLE_NAME atom.
  • -f FORMAT — Use the given printf-style format. The only supported sequences are %s (for title), %u (for window id) and \n.
  • -t NUMBER — Truncate the title after |NUMBER| characters starting at the first (or the last if NUMBER is negative) character.