Generating shot, foul, and assist charts
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Generating shot, foul, and assist charts


This repo contains a notebook (location_data.ipynb) that explores the shotchartdetail and playbyplayv2 endpoint of the API. With the Player and PlayByPlay classes of the py_ball package, the notebook walks through generating shot, foul, and assist charts.


These shot charts are from a 1/21/19 contest between the 76ers and Rockets.

Shot Charts

The Rockets played to their strengths by shooting three-point and restricted area field goals almost exclusively. However, the 76ers blew out the Rockets, 121-93, in part due to their ability to get good looks at the rim.

Assist Charts

The Sixers also won the assist battle 21-14. The charts show that the Sixers were able to create more assisted three-point field goals than the Rockets.

Foul Charts

Joel Embiid and James Harden have a reputation for drawing fouls. This game does not refute that notion, with the foul charts showing six trips to the line for Joel Embiid and four for James Harden.