A status calculator for collectible card games (specifically Magic: The Gathering).
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Game Status Calculator

Table of Contents


  1. Mission
  2. Preamble

Functional Requirements

  1. Player Settings and Controls
  2. Poison Counters
  3. Commanders
  4. Game and Match Results
  5. Settings
  6. Multiple Players
  7. Auto-complete

Technical Requirements

  1. Device types
  2. Technical availability
  3. Platforms
  4. Data storage

Future Versions

  1. User Accounts
  2. Save information to user accounts
  3. Save matches and games won/lost and the players associatied with those matches (whether they have an account or not)



An important part of collectible card games is to be able to track and maintain game details and results. Classic methods of keeping track of important game information may include pen & paper, dice, or tokens, all of which have many limitations, and make it difficult to easily store and retrieve past or current game information. With so many people having information technology devices available to them, it seems that better methods for tracking and storing game information can be developed.


It is the mission of the application described in this document to make the tracking and storing of game state information easier than traditional methods. This includes not only providing a digital, information-technology based solution, but one that can be utilized and accessed on multiple device types and many different platforms. The application shall not only improve availability of game information tracking and storage, but also to do so in a way that provides an intuitive interface that aids in data aggregation and analysis.

Functional Requirements

Player Settings and Controls

  1. A player can provide a name to identify themselves with respect to the game information being stored
  2. A player can increase or decrease their life total. Life total input shall be validated
  3. A player can reset the game to the default set of values.

Poison Counters

  1. A player can apply Poison counters to the calculator UI


  1. A player can apply Commander damage to the calculator UI
  2. When the player applies damage from a Commander they can add the Commander name via text input, with autocomplete

Game and Match Results

  1. Keep track of games and matches won

Settings and Defaults

Default first player name, Commander title

Multiple Players


Technical Requirements

Technical Availabiltiy and Device Types


Data Storage