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πŸ πŸ”ˆ Home Assistant integration for KEF LS50 Wireless and LSX speakers
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Home Assistant custom_component for KEF speakers


Supported: KEF LS50 Wireless (tested with latest firmware at 08-11-2019, p6.2101809171.105039422) Untested: KEF LSX

Supported features

  • Get and set volume
  • Mute and unmute
  • Get and set source input
  • Turn speaker on and off
  • Automatically connects and disconnects when speakers goes online/offline

Use in Home Assistant


(Recommended) Installation with HACS. Go to the HACS store and install KEF.

(Alternative) Manual installation. Download the repo. Create folder in your home assistant config folder:

mkdir -p /path/to/config/custom_components/
cp -r media_player.kef/custom_components/kef /path/to/config/custom_components/


Add the component to Home Assistant by adding the following to configuration.yaml:

  - platform: kef
    host: 192.168.x.x  # the IP of your speaker
    type: LS50  # or LSX
    name: MyAwesomeSpeaker  # optional, the name in Home Assistant
    maximum_volume: 0.5  # optional, to avoid extremely loud volumes
    volume_step: 0.05  # optional
    inverse_speaker_mode: false  # optional, switch L/R to R/L
    standby_time: 20  # optional, either 20 or 60 (in minutes) or leave out for an infinite standby time


See this Home Assistant discussion thread where the creation of the KEF speakers is discussed.


MIT License


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