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Pylint plugin for static code analysis on Airflow code
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Code style: Black License: MIT


Pylint plugin for static code analysis on Airflow code.



pip install pylint-airflow


pylint --load-plugins=pylint_airflow [your_file]

This plugin runs on Python 3.6 and higher.

Error codes

The Pylint-Airflow codes follow the structure {I,C,R,W,E,F}83{0-9}{0-9}, where:

The current codes are:

Code Symbol Description
C8300 different-operator-varname-taskid For consistency assign the same variable name and task_id to operators.
C8301 match-callable-taskid For consistency name the callable function '_[task_id]', e.g. PythonOperator(task_id='mytask', python_callable=_mytask).
C8302 mixed-dependency-directions For consistency don't mix directions in a single statement, instead split over multiple statements.
C8303 task-no-dependencies Sometimes a task without any dependency is desired, however often it is the result of a forgotten dependency.
C8304 task-context-argname Indicate you expect Airflow task context variables in the **kwargs argument by renaming to **context.
C8305 task-context-separate-arg To avoid unpacking kwargs from the Airflow task context in a function, you can set the needed variables as arguments in the function.
C8306 match-dagid-filename For consistency match the DAG filename with the dag_id.
R8300 unused-xcom Return values from a python_callable function or execute() method are automatically pushed as XCom.
W8300 basehook-top-level Airflow executes DAG scripts periodically and anything at the top level of a script is executed. Therefore, move BaseHook calls into functions/hooks/operators.
E8300 duplicate-dag-name DAG name should be unique.
E8301 duplicate-task-name Task name within a DAG should be unique.
E8302 duplicate-dependency Task dependencies can be defined only once.
E8303 dag-with-cycles A DAG is acyclic and cannot contain cycles.
E8304 task-no-dag A task must know a DAG instance to run.


Documentation is available on Read the Docs.


Suggestions for more checks are always welcome, please create an issue on GitHub. Read CONTRIBUTING.rst for more details.

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