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Use this suite of color utilities to directly style elements. The color values used in this module are from mrmrs/colors.


<h3 class="center">
  <span class="black">.black</span>
  <span class="gray">.gray</span>
  <span class="silver">.silver</span>
  <span class="white">.white</span>
  <span class="aqua">.aqua</span>
  <span class="blue">.blue</span>
  <span class="navy">.navy</span>
  <span class="teal">.teal</span>
  <span class="green">.green</span>
  <span class="olive">.olive</span>
  <span class="lime">.lime</span>
  <span class="yellow">.yellow</span>
  <span class="orange">.orange</span>
  <span class="red">.red</span>
  <span class="fuchsia">.fuchsia</span>
  <span class="purple">.purple</span>
  <span class="maroon">.maroon</span>
  <span class="color-inherit">.color-inherit</span>


To de-emphasize elements with lower opacity, use the .muted utility.

<span class="blue">Normal</span>
<span class="blue muted">Muted</span>