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Contributing to Basscss

Want to help make Basscss better? Here’s how.

First off, please be courteous and respectful. Any and all contributions are welcome, but remember to be nice 😎

Design Principles

If you’re new to Basscss, be sure to read the Design Principles. Basscss is just as much about what’s not included, as it is about what it has.


The majority of Basscss’s source code and documentation lives in individual modules. Core modules are within this repository, but optional modules each have their own. Please try to open issues and pull requests in their relevant repository.


Before opening a pull request, please inquire or make a case for any proposed changes via GitHub issues. Include code examples and/or demos when possible.

Feature Requests

Basscss conforms to a strict set of design principles. This library is not meant to be exhaustive, but following this approach can dramatically reduce the amount of CSS in a project and the amount of time required to maintain a project’s stylesheets. Before proposing changes, consider alternative ways to achieve the intent behind a design.

If you’d like to propose a change, please look through and reference any existing issues that are related. Then, open an issue with the Enhancement label, links to related issues, and code demonstrating the proposal.

Technical considerations

Most repos build scripts are handled with npm run scripts. Type npm run in any repo to see the available commands.

For any questions related to compiling or building, please open an issue.


By contributing your code, you agree to license your contribution under the MIT License.