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CRMSvcUtil extensions
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A library with extensions to CRMSvcUtil.

Copy crmsvcutilextensions.dll to same folder as CrmSvcUtil. Call CrmSvcUtil with /codefilter parameter

Available code filters:

  • VanillaFilter - Filters out any custom entity, attribute and relationships
  • SolutionFilter - Generates only entities that is incuded in the solution that is specified


CrmSvcUtil /codewriterfilter:"CRMSvcUtilExtensions.VanillaFilter,CRMSvcUtilExtensions"
/url:... /out:D:\Entities.cs /username:... /password:... /namespace:...

SolutionFilter: Solution argument is unique solution name or a comma-separated list of solutions

CrmSvcUtil /codewriterfilter:"CRMSvcUtilExtensions.SolutionFilter,CRMSvcUtilExtensions"
/solution:uniquename /url:... /out:D:\Entities.cs /username:... /password:... /namespace:...

Can use username and password parameter as examples above or connectionstring parameter.

CrmSvcUtil /codewriterfilter:"CRMSvcUtilExtensions.SolutionFilter,CRMSvcUtilExtensions"
/solution:uniquename /connectionstring:"AuthType=Office365;; Password=passcode;Url=" /out:D:\Entities.cs /namespace:...
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