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Album Credits

Just because we listen to music digitally doesn't mean we shouldn't be able to access the album's liner notes.

Very much a work in progress but it's fairly functional.


gem install album_credits


$ album_credits "tool" "lateralus"
  Lateralus 2001-05-11
  13 songs
  The packaging is the same as the EU version.

  Packaged in a translucent black slipcase over a unique stained jewel case.  The jewel case design is off centre from the typical US release.

  This pressing contains a typo on track 9 on both the Obi and the actual packaging.  The correct spelling is the same as the album title: "Lateralus."

  Recorded at:
  Cello Studios, Hollywood, CA
  The Hook, North Hollywood, CA
  Big Empty Space, North Hollywood, CA
  The Lodge, North Hollywood, CA

  Mixed at Larrabee Sound North, North Hollywood, CA.
  Mastered by Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, ME.


  David Bottrill
  AKA: Bottrill, D. Bottril, D.B., Dave Botirill, Dave Bottril, Dave Bottrill, David Botirill, David Botrill, David Bottril, Frameman
  721 releases in discography
  Abdelli (2 total)
    * New Moon [1995 Real World Records, Virgin]
  Afro Celt Sound System (4 total)
    * Volume 1: Sound Magic [1996 Real World Records]
    * Volume 2: Release [1999 Real World Records, Virgin]
  Baaba Maal (4 total)
    * Firin' In Fouta [1994 Mango, Mango]
  Blackbud (4 total)
    * From The Sky [2006 Independiente]
    * Forever [2006 Independiente]



  • Cleanup code. Was a hack turned gem...still needs lots of refactoring, comments and tests.
  • Better identifying if a search result is actually the album being queried for.
  • Add sources other than Discogs.com.