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Logs the time you spend waiting for bundler
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Bundler Timer

Ever find yourself staring at your terminal wondering, "Sweet baby jesus, how many hours of my life do I spend waiting for Bundler?!". Well now you can know just how much of your time has been given to our friend, Bundler.

Bundler Timer will log those precious seconds and report back a depressing little report each time you run Bundler.


# If using RVM gemsets:
# rvm gemset use global

gem install bundler_timer

# By default, bundler_timer provides a binary named 'b' which you can
# use as a bundle alias.

# So you can just run it as usual and keep track of your shortening life!
cd ~/code/sweet_project/
b install
Using activesupport (3.0.3)
Using builder (2.1.2)

    Congratulations, you've spent 12 minutes today staring at your screen (5.6 hours overall)

To Do

  • maybe add a daily breakdown in the stats
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