App which integrates with iTunes to display album credits
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The short description

Integrates with iTunes to display album artwork, engineer/performance credits and lyrics about the music playing.

The longer description

Since listening to music on digital devices became prevalent, the rich, tactile experience of "playing an album" has been greatly diminished. Not only is packaging and other visual aspects of an album no longer in the fore, but the detailed information about the album's various contributors - which is often available in hard-copy - is now relegated to fan websites, Wikipedia or scattered somewhere in between. As a former musician and recording engineer, I find this disturbing. Almost all albums require much more human effort than just the composition and performance of the core band members. Making that information available to digital listeners not only gives credit where it's due, but also helps perpetuate the respect for "The Album" and all of its complexities. From the tambourine player to the mastering engineer; everyone deserves their credit. Making the information explorable helps fans draw connections between and answer questions about albums, bands and contributors such as "I like the sound of this album - which other albums have been engineered by David Bottrill?", "I love the drums on this song, what other songs has Stewart Copeland played on?", etc. It's my hope that Liner Notes will help revitalize the digital listening experience by answering these questions.


Open Liner

To develop (with code-reloading)

  1. Install jRuby either via source or RVM
  2. Install [Bundler] (
  3. Run:
  • bundle install
  • rp5 watch --jruby liner_notes.rb
  1. Run rake to build the OSX app.

Original concept sketched out during MusicHackDay, San Francisco 2011