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LibNeubot is an experimental support library for Neubot (especially for Neubot for Android) that is written in C/C++ and based on libevent2.

I have successfully compiled and run its simple tests in the following systems: MacOS 10.8, OpenBSD 5.5-current, Ubuntu 13.10.

To build the library you need a C/C++ compiler (the assumes clang/clang++, and note that C++11 support is required), Python 2.7+ (in particular, some scripts assume that there is an executable named python), and a Unix environment. Optionally, you also need to install SWIG with support for Python and Java.

As said, the library depends on libevent2. Under Linux the very simple build system assumes that libevent2 is installed under /usr; on MacOS it assumes that libevent2 is installed under /opt/local (as if you are using MacPorts); on OpenBSD it assumes that libevent2 is installed at /usr/local (the default place in which it is installed if you pkg_add -vi it). You can edit configure, if libevent2 happens to be installed at another place.


libneubot: the ancestor of Measurement Kit



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