Python exercises in TDD style.
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Python exercises in TDD style

Make these badges green

Build Status Coverage Status

After you fork, edit this and rename "bast" to your GitHub username or namespace to make the badges point to your fork.



  • Fork the project.
  • Login to Travis CI with your GitHub account and activate this repo for testing.
  • Login to Coveralls with your GitHub account and activate this repo for code coverage analysis.
  • Implement missing functions to make the unit tests pass (run tests either locally or let Travis run them for you each time you push changes).
  • Increase the test coverage to 100% by making all lines green.

How to run tests locally (Linux or Mac OS X)

First clone the project. Locally running the unit testing requires either pytest or nose.

Then you can run the tests with:

$ py.test -vv

You can run a single test case like this:

$ py.test -vv -k test_character_statistics

Or alternatively with nose:

$ nosetests