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Darren Cohen DarrCoh
Hardware and software enthusiast - 42 School


Todd B. @LinuxGameConsortium linuxgameconsortium
LinuxGameConsortium this is Linux gaming from the source. We also cover the latest news, Linux, SteamOS and Ubuntu games to download.

Linux Game Consortium

Ian M callmeavis

Charlotte, NC, US

@abohady abohady
You can @mention other users and organizations to

You can @mention other users and organizations to You can @mention other users and organizations to

Michael Zeeb drzeeb

AGFA HealthCare Trier

Mark Bosky markbosky
while( !(succeed = try() ) );

Denver, Colorado

Dmitry Shevchenko gudwin
All eggs in one code bucket

EPAM Systems Minsk, Belarus

Barry O' Riordan BarryORiordan
Former QA Analyst at Electronic Arts (EA)

Limerick, Ireland

Alex rtf6x

rtf6x St. Petersburg

ArielAxionL axionl
BTW, I use Arch Linux. x:) | 0xB1B9AAD8BE7E7326


Ian Murray advnturecaptlst
Head of Product Data Science @ Twitch // Data Hacking for Social Good // Code for America

Twitch San Francisco, CA

Sam Scott Avinch
20, Software developer and tech enthusiast

Leeds, UK

I can't git i-cant-git
I just don't git it.
sstrads sstrads
On this page you see a little girl giggling at a hippopotamus. I wonder why.


Life sucks.


Steve stevepm

@carta San Francisco

Smatify Smatify
Coding tools that focus on automation

@get-in / nebbish Germany

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