Public emacs configuration. Mostly some utility functions and keybindings.
Emacs Lisp
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Public emacs configuration

This is not really the emacs configuration I use. My real emacs configuration imports lots of other Emacs code for working with various languages, web services and code management systems. This code is only my custom-emacs code: elisp functions, keybindings and mode tweaks.

A note on keybindings

Most of my keybindings are pretty different from the standard Emacs ones. I rebound them to be easier for me to remember, especially the movement keybindings. In particular the f key moves forward, the b key moves backward, the w key kills backwards and the d key kills forwards. The Ctrl modifiers makes each of the above operate by word and the Alt or Meta modifier makes them work by letter. Ctrl-m is now a prefix key for various functions to reposition the current open buffer in the window. The functions are defined in functions.el.


The idea for a neatly partitioned Emacs tree came from Steve Yegge and his blog posts. So did some of the code. The relevant blog posts are: