Public emacs configuration. Mostly some utility functions and keybindings.
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Public emacs configuration

This my personal Emacs configuration, composed mostly of elisp functions, keybindings, various packages (installed using package.el) and mode tweaks.

This configuration makes heavy use of the following:

  1. use-package for managing various package installations and configurations
  2. general.el for key configurations

Note that the key configurations are rather rough and often changing, and should probably not be imported wholesale. There are also a set of customizations applied only to Aquamacs on OS X.


The idea for a neatly partitioned Emacs tree came from Steve Yegge and his blog posts. So did some of the code. The relevant blog posts are:

The current general structure of the configuration, as well as the heavy use of use-package and general.el is based on a guide on how to build your own Spacemacs.