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name: bindings-levmar
cabal-version: >= 1.6
build-type: Simple
stability: provisional
author: Roel van Dijk <> & Bas van Dijk <>
maintainer: Roel van Dijk <> & Bas van Dijk <>
copyright: 2009–2012 Roel van Dijk & Bas van Dijk
license: OtherLicense
license-file: LICENSE
category: Numerical, FFI
synopsis: Low level bindings to the C levmar (Levenberg-Marquardt) library
description: See the @levmar@ package for a high-level wrapper
around this package.
The Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm is an iterative
technique that finds a local minimum of a function that
is expressed as the sum of squares of nonlinear
functions. It has become a standard technique for
nonlinear least-squares problems and can be thought of
as a combination of steepest descent and the
Gauss-Newton method. When the current solution is far
from the correct one, the algorithm behaves like a
steepest descent method: slow, but guaranteed to
converge. When the current solution is close to the
correct solution, it becomes a Gauss-Newton method.
Both unconstrained and constrained (under linear
equations and box constraints) Levenberg-Marquardt
variants are included. All functions have Double and
Float variants.
Note that the included
< C library>
is lightly patched to make it pure. This way the
functions can be used inside @unsafePerformIO@.
A note regarding the license:
All files EXCEPT those in the levmar-2.4 directory fall
under the BSD3 license. The levmar C library, which is
bundled with this binding, falls under the GPL. If you
build a program which is linked with this binding then
it is also linked with levmar. This means such a
program can only by distributed under the terms of the
extra-source-files: README.markdown
, levmar-2.4/LICENSE
, levmar-2.4/*.h
, levmar-2.4/*.c
, levmar-2.4/*.txt
, levmar-2.4/Makefile
, levmar-2.4/Makefile.icc
, levmar-2.4/
, levmar-2.4/levmar.vcproj
, levmar-2.4/matlab/*.m
, levmar-2.4/matlab/*.c
, levmar-2.4/matlab/*.txt
, levmar-2.4/matlab/Makefile
, levmar-2.4/matlab/Makefile.w32
flag mkl
description: Link with Intel's MKL optimized libraries.
default: False
manual: True
flag accelerate
description: Use the accelerate framework for LAPACK/BLAS on OS X
default: False
manual: True
source-repository head
type: git
location: git://
build-depends: base >= 3 && < 4.9
, bindings-DSL >= 1.0.15 && < 1.1
exposed-modules: Bindings.LevMar
ghc-options: -Wall
cc-options: -D_OPENMP
include-dirs: levmar-2.4
if flag(mkl)
extra-libraries: mkl_lapack mkl_sequential mkl_core
if arch(x86_64)
extra-libraries: mkl_intel_lp64
extra-libraries: mkl_intel
extra-libraries: lapack blas
if flag(accelerate)
frameworks: Accelerate