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name: regions
version: 0.11
cabal-version: >=1.6
build-type: Simple
license: BSD3
license-file: LICENSE
copyright: 2009-2011 Bas van Dijk
author: Bas van Dijk
maintainer: Bas van Dijk <>
stability: experimental
category: Control, Monadic Regions
synopsis: Provides the region monad for safely opening and working with
scarce resources.
This package provides the region monad transformer. Scarce resources like
files, memory pointers or USB devices for example can be opened in a
region. When the region terminates, all opened resources will be automatically
closed. The main advantage of regions is that the opened resources can not be
returned from the region which ensures no I/O with closed resources is
The primary technique used in this package is called \"Lightweight monadic
regions\" which was invented by Oleg Kiselyov and Chung-chieh Shan. See:
Also see the @regions-mtl@ and @regions-monadstf@ packages which provide
instances for the classes in the respected monad transformers packages.
For an example on how to use this library see the @safer-file-handles@,
@usb-safe@ or @regional-pointers@ packages.
extra-source-files: README.markdown, NEWS, CONTRIBUTORS
source-repository head
Type: git
Location: git://
GHC-Options: -Wall
build-depends: base >= 4 && < 4.5
, base-unicode-symbols >= 0.1.1 && < 0.3
, transformers >= 0.2 && < 0.3
, monad-control >= 0.2 && < 0.3
exposed-modules: Control.Monad.Trans.Region
other-modules: Control.Monad.Trans.Region.Internal
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