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Added documentation for unsafeLiftControlIO

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commit b958426e2567388d3679c251b056eca0aeeb6f9d 1 parent f8b49ad
@basvandijk authored
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  1. +9 −0 Control/Monad/Trans/Region/Internal.hs
9 Control/Monad/Trans/Region/Internal.hs
@@ -421,6 +421,15 @@ Note that a 'RegionT' is an instance of this class. For the rest there is a
catch-all @instance 'MonadControlIO' m => 'RegionControlIO' m@.
class MonadIO mRegionControlIO m where
+ {-|
+ This function behaves like `liftControlIO` but can be used on regions.
+ Note that you can safely use this function to lift any control operator
+ other than `forkIO` into a region.
+ See the following why it's unsafe to lift `forkIO` using this function:
+ <>
+ -}
unsafeLiftControlIO ∷ (RunInBase m IOIO α) → m α
instance RegionControlIO prRegionControlIO (RegionT s pr) where
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