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OsiDark theme for Domoticz

Responsive theme for open source Home Automation System Domoticz -

Please note

This theme is under development and might contains bugs. Make sure you have the latest version.

This theme comes with no warrenty use it at your own risk!


Create a Domoticz theme with:

  • Simple / clean / flat design layout
  • Optimized for smartphone, tablet and desktop
  • Large tap area's for buttons on smartphone


How do I install this theme?

  1. Download the theme from the dist folder

  2. Add the OsiDark folder into your Domoticz theme folder e.g. /www/styles/

  3. In Domoticz goto Setup -> Settings -> Theme and pick OsiDark

or ssh to your Domoticz folder and for the latest release execute:

mkdir www/styles/osi-dark && wget -O www/styles/osi-dark/custom.css

Latest development version

for the latest development version:

mkdir www/styles/osi-dark && wget -O www/styles/osi-dark/custom.css

to update to the latest development version: wget -O www/styles/osi-dark/custom.css

I still see the default theme :(

  1. Make sure you've cleared your browser cache

  2. Make sure you've clicked apply settings

Your css uses the most ugly selectors possible

I completely agree. Unfortunately Domoticz does not provide classes on the elements, and sometimes has hardcoded styles in the HTML. Therefore I am forced to use these ugly selectors and sometimes even need to use !important.