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BsbExposeGreensockJS is a ZF2 module that helps exposing the greensock javascript library.

Update your composer.json in your project root to include the following snipped

"require": {
    "bushbaby/expose-greensock-js": "dev-master"

Additionally, since greensock js doesn't have a composer.json, add the following snipped to the composer.json in your project root.

"repositories": {
    "bushbaby-greensockjs": {
        "type": "package",
        "package": {
            "name": "bushbaby/greensockjs",
            "version": "1.9.0",
            "source": {
                "url": "git://",
                "type": "git",
                "reference": "1.9.0"

The assets will be available under /js/vendor/gsap/

Provided Collections


contains : tweenMax, timelineMax, jQueryPlugin, ease and plugin packs


contains : all plugins


contains : all ease functions

  • no 'pack' is provided for TweenLite
  • easing/EasePack.js is provided by the library itself, plugin follows that convention
  • minified and uncompressed files are merged into a single location structure
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