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@fredRos fredRos released this Nov 20, 2014 · 687 commits to master since this release

BAT - Bayesian Analysis Toolkit

Release notes for version: 0.9.4
Release date: 2014-11-20
Urgency: medium

New features

  • support ROOT6 (requires compiler that implements C++ 11)
  • support cuba 4.0


  • becomes bat-project, loses a lot of clutter, and is installed to the bin directory
  • every subclass of BCEngineMCMC provides access to the parameters via GetParameters

Interface changes (for users of previous BAT versions):

  • cuba 3.2 had bugs and is not supported anymore
  • configure option --with-roostats became --enable-roostats

Bug fixes

  • fix off-by-one error in BCH1D::Draw
  • include all 1D/2D marginals in pdf if there is more than 1 plot per page
  • all examples that use the ROOT interpreter work
  • bat libraries have the proper dependency on other bat libraries and external libraries encoded

Improvements of the build system

  • important flags from ROOT are now passed on
  • fix and update installation instructions, display how-to-setup-bat steps at the end of make install
  • support VPATH builds: you can now create a subdirectory, run configure from there, and keep all build products in the subdirectory
  • unit tests and the latex sources now part of the distribution
  • make distcheck passes
  • dependencies properly included in the libraries
  • transform INSTALL to markdown format, fix csh instructions
  • add a bat-config script that is installed to $PREFIX/bin/. It
    can be queried to return libraries, compiler flags, version etc. The
    variable $BATINSTALLDIR is no longer used in the examples and
  • support pkgconfig
  • no longer required ROOT's libmathmore to build the bat libraries
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