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A GitHub Action to automatically validate the integrity of the Batect wrapper scripts (batect and batect.cmd) in your project.


Add the following to a workflow:

    name: Validate Batect wrapper scripts
    runs-on: ubuntu-20.04

      - name: Check out code
        uses: actions/checkout@v4.1.1

      - name: Validate Batect wrapper scripts
        uses: batect/batect-wrapper-validation-action@v0.4.0

You can also use the action in an existing workflow or existing job.

⚠️ This action must run before any invocations of Batect. If the action runs after an invocation of Batect and the wrapper script has been modified maliciously, the malicious version may be able to modify itself to appear genuine.


Batect 0.79.0 or later.

Why isn't this built into Batect?

This action exists primarily to detect malicious changes to the wrapper scripts.

If this integrity check was built in to Batect, a maliciously modified wrapper script could incorrectly report that the wrapper was genuine.


This project uses Yarn.

Run yarn test to run the unit tests.

Run yarn pre-commit to run the tests, check formatting and run linting.