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Includes and bundles

Includes allow you to import configuration defined elsewhere into your project. They are a useful mechanism for a number of situations:

  • to keep configuration files small and manageable
  • to share tasks and containers between projects
  • to take advantage of tasks and containers built and maintained by others, saving you time and effort

There are two main forms of includes: file includes and Git includes. Git includes allow you to include a bundle of configuration.

File includes

As the name suggests, file includes import a single file into your project. These are primarily used to split a large configuration file into smaller, more manageable pieces.

Git includes

Git includes import configuration from a bundle defined in a Git repository. This allows you to share configuration within your team or organisation, or take advantage of publicly-available bundles.

A bundle can be any Git repository containing a Batect configuration file. By default, this file is called batect-bundle.yml and follows the same format as an ordinary configuration file.

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