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Follow these steps to set up Batect for the first time:

  1. Download the latest version of batect and batect.cmd from the releases page, and copy these scripts into your project.

    Note that you only need the scripts - you don't need to download batect.jar.

    :::note The batect and batect.cmd scripts are designed to be committed alongside your project, and not installed globally. Committing the scripts alongside your code improves consistency within your team, as everyone uses the same version of Batect.

    The scripts will automatically pull down the correct version of Batect for your operating system. :::

  2. If you're on Linux or macOS, make sure the script is executable: run chmod +x batect.

  3. Create your batect.yml configuration file to define your tasks and the environments they run in.

    The documentation has a number of resources to help you with this. Each one is tailored to a different situation:

  4. To enable tab completion in your shell, set up shell tab completion.