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@dhalperi dhalperi released this Jun 12, 2019

Release notes

Noteworthy new features and improvements in this release include:

  • (#4059, #4068, ..) Palo Alto Networks: Major improvements to dataplane with cross-zone, inter-vsys, and shared-gateway support.
  • (#4004, #4005, many more) Base EVPN support for Cumulus + eBGP is now available.

Please try these new features out and let us know your experiences on Slack or GitHub.

Bug fixes:

  • (#4017) Cisco: Fix parsing of allowed VLANs for some interfaces in trunk mode.
  • (#4038, #4018) Cisco: Improvements to trunk mode recognition. (thanks, @agember!)
  • (#4065, #4066, #4051) Cisco: Improvements to VLAN default bandwidth and EIGRP implementation. (thanks, @Tachashi!)


To upgrade your local Docker image, run docker pull batfish/allinone then follow the standard instructions to get started.

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