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Binary detection codes utilizing spectral-energy distribution fitting
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BINOCS (Binary INformation from Open Clusters using SEDs)

BINOCS is a suite of python codes that facilitate binary star detection in open clusters. This code, and the method it implements, is described in Thompson et al. (in prep)


BINOCS code will run under Python versions 2.7.x, as well as Python 3.x

In addition to the default Python modules, BINOCS requires the following modules be installed:

  • NumPy
  • SciPy
  • Matplotlib
  • PyOpenCL

All necessary modules can be installed via pip. Once pre-requisites are met, simply add the binocs/python folder to your $PYTHONPATH variable.

Available Routines

The BINOCS code consists of three separate routines, each of which is implemented by a program in the BINOCS root folder:

  • payst --- handles matching of photometry data files, as well as membership data, into a formatted master catalog
  • makeiso --- processes downloaded isochrone files into the expected format
  • binaryfit --- executes the BINOCS binary detection technique

Descriptions of input, execution, and output of each of the routines is located in files in the doc folder.


Publications use various versions of the BINOCS code. While all versions should produce nearly-exact results, there may be some variation between versions. Publications and their associated tags are listed below:

  • BINOCS I: Radial Migration of Binary Systems in Open Clusters. Thompson et al. (in prep) - v2.1
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