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Forget Me Not - Mock Press Release


Forget Me Not


A fun tool for remembering your students' names through stories!


Forget Me Not is a simple, story-based tool that lets you create your own personalized hints and form stronger mental connections between a student and their name.


The most effective learning environments are personal and accountable. When you don't know a student's name or, even worse, call them by the wrong name, you risk making the student feel anonymous, undermining accountability.


Unlike traditional memory apps, Forget Me Not is built on scientific evidence that you are far more likely to retain a piece of information that you learn through a story than you would through rote memorization. The Forget Me Not interface is designed to help you create, store and access your own personal stories (or hints) about each student, which will help you form a "sticky" connection between a student's photo and their name.

Quote from You

"Forget Me Not is a scientifically proven way to remember your students' names, and it's fun, too!"

How to Get Started

All you have to do is upload your students' photos and names to the site (alternately, each student may upload their own photos and names to a shared collection). Then, click "START" to initiate a new round!

You'll see a student's photo and a field to enter their name. If you enter the name incorrectly, you'll see a field to create and save a short story that will help you connect their name to their photo. The next time that particular student appears, just click on the "HINT" button to see your story.

Customer Quote

"Using Forget Me Not for 15 minutes before my lectures has totally transformed my teaching! No more guessing or apologizing for forgetting students' names -- now I can just focus on teaching!"