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0.9.0 (April 1, 2012)

Really Major Release

  • Add node v0.6.x support
  • Add documentation.
  • Benchmarking suite added
  • Add Batman.SessionStorage storage adapter for using the sessionStorage host object
  • Make <select> bindings populate JS land values if an option has the selected attribute.
  • Add data-view bindings for instantiating custom Batman.View subclasses
  • Add support for closure compiler
  • Add AMD loader support
  • Add JS implementation of ActiveSupport::Inflector for pluralization and ordinalization
  • Pass the RenderContext to event handlers called by data-event bindings.
  • Add support for string data in batman.solo and batman.node
  • Make view.set('node') work like one might expect (deffering rendering until the node is present)
  • Add Model.clear for busting the identity map.
  • Add Batman.Property.withoutTracking helper for swallowing dependencies in accessor bodies
  • Add SetUnion and SetIntersection
  • Add withArguments filter for currying arguments to event handlers
  • Add decoding of ISO-8601 dates to RailsStorage, optionally with timezones
  • Add FileBinding for binding
  • Swtich data-route bindings into real bindings and add a named route query syntax (routes)
  • Ensure bindings with filters become simple one way JS -> DOM bindings, since we can't always unfilter
  • Add Enumerable.mapToProperty for fetching a single property of a bunch of items in a collection
  • Formalize data-formfor bindings to have handy functionality like adding error classes to inputs bound to invalid fields and adding a list of errors to the form if an element with a .errors class exists
  • Major routing system refactor to support nested resources declarations and the named routes syntax
  • Add replace filter
  • Add Set.find(f) which returns the first item in the set for which f(item) is truthy
  • Add binding content escaping, and thus the escape and raw filters
  • Make AssociationSets fire a loaded event
  • Refactor the RenderContext stack into a proper tree with one root node to limit memory usage
  • Add ability to give false as the value of encode or decode when adding encoders to omit that half of the process
  • Add polymorphic belongsTo and hasMany associations
  • Add @promiseAccessor for easy wrapping of asynchronous operations into eventually defined accessors
  • Add Batman.View.event('appear'), beforeAppear, disappear, and beforeDisapper which will fire as views enter and exit the dom
  • Reimplement Hash storage mechanism for greater speed and less memory usage
  • Reimplement Set storage mechanism for greater speed and less memory usage. Note: this changes set iteration order.
  • Reimplement event storage mechanism for similar speed and less memory usage
  • Add wrapAccessor macro for redefinining accessors in terms of their old implementations
  • Add urlNestsUnder macro to Model for easy definiton of nested backend routes
  • Add EventEmitter::once for attaching handlers which autoremove themselves
  • Add Batman.getPath for doing recursive gets on properties without encoding the key seperator


  • Process bindings in a consistent order (#204)
  • Ensure attribute bindings bind undefined as the empty string (#245)
  • Ensure RestStorage passes the proper Content-type on POST and PUT operations.
  • Make data-target bind immediately and populate the JS land value at that time
  • Fix bugs surrounding replacing classes with spaces (#305, #361)
  • Ensure encoding and decoding respect custom primary keys
  • Fix a slew of bugs surrounding associations to custom primary keys
  • Fix textarea bindings to set the value across all browsers
  • Add proper bindings for HTML5 inputs like type=search, type=tel, and so on
  • Ensure event handlers on yielded content are not destroyed during yielding
  • Ensure showif bindings work regardless of the node's initial CSS (#261)
  • Support controllers named AppController (#326)
  • Ensure model classes don't inherit parent class state (#340)
  • Ensure SetSort properly propagates length property (#355)
  • Ensure non-existent models don't get added to the identity map (#366)
  • Ensure data-route bindings stop event propagation (#369)

0.8.0 (November 22, 2011)

Major Release

  • Add Batman.StateHistory for pushState navigation support
  • View source html can be prefetched via View.viewSourceCache.prefetch
  • Major refactoring of view bindings into class based hierarchy
  • Add data-defineview to allow view sources to be declared inline
  • Add Association support to Model via Model.hasOne, Model.hasMany, Model.belongsTo
  • Add smart AssociationProxy objects which support reloading
  • Add support for loading associations with inline JSON
  • Add support for ? and ! in property names and keypaths
  • Store the current params on the Batman.currentApp for introspection.
  • Add ParamsReplacer and ParamsPusher as smart objects which when set, update the global params, pushState or replaceState, and redirect.
  • Add Hash::update, Hash::replace, and Set::update
  • Add Set::indexedByUnique
  • Add Batman.contains for membership testing and accompanying has filter
  • Add support for JSONP requests in batman.solo
  • Add final property support to optimize observing properties which will never change
  • Add Batman.version
  • Add support for customizable render targets in Controller::render


  • Hash::clear now fires observers for cleared keys
  • Properties are no longer retained if they aren't being observed to reduce memory usage
  • IteratorBinding can have its sibling node changed without erroring
  • Filter arguments can be keypaths which start on or descend through POJOs
  • data-context now correctly only takes effect for its child nodes
  • data-event-* has a catchall to attach event listeners for any event
  • Made work in IE7
  • Made Batman.Model properly inherit storage adapters
  • Made data-bind-style bindings camelize keys
  • Fixed major memory leaks around Bindings never being garbage collected via
  • Made Renderer::stop work if called before the renderer started
  • Stop mixing Observable into window to error earlier when accidental sets and gets are done on window
  • Fix memory leaks around View instances never being garbage collected
  • Fix memory leaks around IteratorBinding instances growing with time
  • Fix memory leaks around SetIndex observing all items forever
  • Fix sets on POJOs from keypaths
  • Fix batman.solo to properly encode GET params
  • Fix Model::toJSON and Model::fromJSON to)deal with falsey values like any other
  • Remove ability for View instances to have either context or contexts, and unify on context.
  • Fix error thrown if the main yield didn't exist
  • Made the extras files requirable in node
  • Fix an invalid data bug when receiving large responses using batman.node
  • Fix JSON de-serialization when receiving collection responses using batman.node
  • Fix support for non numeric model IDs
  • Fix data-partial and data-yield to stop introducing superfluous divs.

0.7.5 (October 25, 2011)

Major Maintenance Release

  • pagination through Batman.Paginator and Batman.ModelPaginator
  • nested resources routes
  • unknown params passed to urlFor will be appended to the query string
  • App.layout accepts a class name which will automatically instantiate that class upon load
  • Controller::render accepts an into option, which lets you render into a yield other than main
  • yield/contentFor/replace are now animatable through show/hide
  • interpolate filter
  • pleasant reminders if you seem to have forgotten some encoders
  • removing nodes will destroy all their bindings
  • Batman.setImmediate for fast stack popping


  • App.ready is now a oneShot event
  • App.controller/model/view are now only available in development
  • data-foreach (through Iterator) is now entirely deferred
  • better support for input type='file'
  • sets within gets don't register sources
  • fixes several memory leaks
  • better view html caching

0.7.0 (October 12, 2011)

Major Maintenance Release

  • added extras folder
  • start of i18n features
  • overhauled event system, which properties are now clients of (requires code changes)
  • Property::isolate and Property::expose will prevent a property from firing dependent observers
  • data-contentFor will now append its content to its data-yield
  • data-replace will replace the content of its data-yield
  • descending SetSorts
  • Batman.App fires a loaded event when all dependencies are loaded
  • Batman.App.currentRoute property for observing
  • allow controller#action syntax in data-route


  • use persistent tree structure for RenderContext
  • keep track of bindings and listeners with
  • correctly free bindings and listeners
  • coerce string IDs into integers when possible in models
  • accessors are memoized
  • suppress developer warnings in tests
  • don't match non data-* attributes
  • fix data-bind-style

0.6.1 (September 27, 2011)

Maintenance Release

  • added Batman.Enumerable
  • added support for multi-select boxes
  • added, a new adapter for use within Rails
  • added developer namespace for easy debugging (it gets stripped out in building)
  • one way bindings have been changed to data-source and data-target to avoid ambiguity
  • added data-bind support for input type='file'
  • added data-event-doubleclick
  • added length filter
  • added trim helper
  • Controller.resources creates a new route instead of destroy
  • Model.find will always return the shared record instance. you can then bind to this and when the data comes in from the storage adapter, your instance will be updated
  • added Model::findOrCreate
  • added Model::updateAttributes
  • allow storage adapters to specific their namespace with storageKey
  • storage adapter filter callbacks take errors
  • added App.ready event that fires once the layout is ready in the DOM
  • normalize status/statusCode in Batman.Request
  • hashes now have meta objects to non-obtrusively bind metadata like length
  • the property keyword is no longer reserved


  • Controller.afterFilter was missing
  • hash history uses Batman.DOM.addEventListener
  • routes such as data-route="Model/new" will route correctly
  • fix Batman.DOM.removeEventListener so it doesn't depend on document
  • fire rendered event after all children have been rendered
  • model methods can be used as event handlers
  • animation methods called with node as context
  • data-event works within the binding system
  • simpler model identity mapper
  • SortableSet::clear invalidates sort indices
  • IE: doesn't have (move things into $functionName)
  • IE: doesn't support isSameNode
  • IE: doesn't support removeEventListener (use detachEvent instead)
  • IE: fix $typeOf for undefined objects
  • IE: event dispatching fixes
  • IE: include json2.js in the tests

0.6.0 (September 13, 2011)

Major Maintenance Release

  • added Batman.Accessible, a simple object wrapper around an accessor
  • added Batman.SetSort for getting a sorted version of a set which automatically watches the source set and propagates changes
  • added Batman.SetIndex for getting a filtered version of a set which automatically watches the source set and propagates changes
  • added after filters to Batman.Controller
  • moved Batman.Model attributes into an attributes hash to avoid namespace collisions with model state.
  • added for safely attaching JS objects to DOM nodes
  • added support for many [] style gets in filters
  • added asymmetric bindings (data-read and data-write)
  • ensured Batman objects are instantiated using new (#65)
  • added support for radio button value bindings (#81)
  • added Batman.Encoders to store built in encoders, and added Batman.Encoders.RailsDate
  • added status to Batman.Request, normalizing XHR object's status/statusCode
  • added proper parameter serialization to the batman.solo platform adapter


  • fixed batman server options (batman -b server works as expected)
  • fixed binding to submit events on forms (#6)
  • fixed Renderer's ready events to fire when all child renderers have returned (#13)
  • fixed textarea value bindings to work as expected (#20)
  • made bindings to undefined populate their nodes with an empty string instead of "undefined" (#21)
  • made data-foreach, data-formfor, data-context, and data-mixin all work as expected when the collection/object being bound changes (#22)
  • fixed LocalStorage's primaryKey generation (#27)
  • made Request send the proper content type (#35)
  • made the current application always appear on the context stack (#46, #48)

  • made @render false prevent render on a controller action (#50)

  • made data-foreach work with cleared sets and many additions/removals (#52, #56, #67)
  • made empty bindings work (#54)
  • made Sets not leak attributes when given items to add in the constructor (#66)
  • prevented @redirect from entering a redirect loop when using hashchange events (#70)
  • made showif and hideif bindings play nice with inline elements (#71)
  • made jQuery record serialization work with RestStorage (#80)
  • made Model.get('all') implicitly load (#85)
  • fixed binding to state on models (#95)
  • made Hash accept keys containing "." (#98)

0.5.1 (August 25, 2011)

Maintenance Release

  • batman server is now batman serve (or still batman s)
  • Configure the hostname for the server with -h
  • CI support with Travis


  • RestStorage uses correct HTTP methods and contentType
  • Some improvements for batman new, more coming in 0.5.2
  • DOM manipulation performance improvement

Known issues:

  • Apps generated with batman new are somewhat broken
  • Generators allow too many non-alphanumeric characters

0.5.0 (August 23, 2011)

Initial Release

Known issues:

  • Inflector support is naive
  • Code is too big
  • Performance hasn't been investigated
  • Filters don't support async results
  • Model error handling is callback based

Missing features:

  • Model assosciations
  • Model scopes
  • Model pagination
  • Push server
  • Documentation
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