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Breaking changes:

Batman helpers




  • delegatesToTarget creates functions that delegate to the target







Batman Rails extra


Besides lots of bug fixes, documentation updates, etc, here some major changes:

Batman helpers









0.15.0 (September 4th, 2013)

Major changes:


  • Support Keypaths with - or _ e7fb66681bc0d685a3a45b6ed74f0455d949fd2d
  • Added EventEmitter::off


  • Added Inclusion/Exclusion validators 114fb3b6fb8ffaed7389663611334eb073ed2b46
  • Added encoderKey option for associations c6f24a9984891dfb2164417812f22cbcaaf3432e


  • Remove viewContext a784bd3f6b9776aca99cb32ce01eefb693c1cab9
  • Use Batman.LifecycleEvents for before/after filters 950607e91d5546078394a1f531e2a4d633108d2a


  • Big breaking changes: data-mixin removed.
  • Remove mixins 997c7b9063837e7ba147ddf94a0a0f2d634350b0
  • Optimize IteratorBinding 5eecbe7b7aec101d629e9ba77fb2d483936de466
  • data-style for binding to specific CSS properties 0c23ef6ff6de6c259cb7ca6fb51e7502e35be188
  • disable View cache 0b5c8f9f3e1f3b55d1569b0fccad57ce5a6d3f85
  • Support multiple classes with data-addclass adf963a581e4942a72f7b7b6e3892ab0d5afc845
  • Added lookupKeypath, setKeypath and targetForKeypath for context lookups
  • viewPrefix config renamed to pathToHTML
  • default path for HTML templates switched from /views to /html
  • ViewStore renamed to HTMLStore. Renamed its functions "view" -> "HTML" also.


  • Removed App.require-related code bf59e2b180f1a72c7ad73f127d2e81247d519064


  • XHR assertions fcd428c8e0b7a50b6892673ed672f5d16bda08ec
  • Added stubAccessor bdf5e03c2b8871db53c1ee0c9f5006d6fda70740


  • toArray registers the base as a source 7c17daf041c569ba8b0609bb06d6e58ddcd2bc90


  • Added: CRSF Token support 635463b458d8417d152d4211d0b079d5bb513183
  • Added: encodeTimestamps 7056f43d88c7ddb950b94a7401e7d4f242b266ad
  • Config pathToHTML defaults to /assets/batman/html


  • Added Batman.Enumerable::count f53e99025d2a5e437263510ca1c15fa734e7afe9
  • Added Batman.LifecycleEvents 97ad1a98fc1b2c0b288e2e66768b3aaa4b717a46
  • Use LitCoffee docs 35287a20f594c8e8bca9f05de1bb8e0d73b21a6f
  • Removed Batman cli tools 798884cece6e7000c8ab8dd4d5a33d00c503aeb6
  • Config pathPrefix renamed to pathToApp

Lots of other bug fixes and performance improvements! See all at

0.14.1 (Febrary 15th, 2013)

Forgot to bump a version number to fix the version number test.

0.14.0 (February 14th, 2013)


  • Added: App.shouldAllowEvent.[event]. Callbacks in this hash will be called whenever the corresponding data-event is fired from anywhere within the app. Return false to prevent app-level propagation. For example:
class MyApp extends Batman.App = (event) ->
    return false
  • Fix: Prevent additional history items from being created if the users navigates to the page they are already on.
  • Fix: Nested resource routing names.
  • Deprecated: App loader utilities: App.controller, App.model, App.view, App.require. Batman does not care how you load your code, as long as it's loaded before calling


  • Added: Substantially better for support for polymorphic associations.
  • Added: Configure custom URL's for associations. Typically used for resources whose backends aren't quite as RESTful as they should be.
  • Added: A server response of 422 will result in the response being parsed as an error and the response's data being used injected into errors.
  • Added: A server response of 409 will result in a RecordExistsError.
  • Added: NumericValidator can now compare for equality.
  • Added: Batman.Model._mapIdentities to map many items and then add them to the set all at once.
  • Performance: Batman.Model.loadWithOptions uses mapIdentities instead of mapIdentity.
  • Change: Model instance methods are no longer bound to themselves. If you're passing model methods as callbacks make sure you bind them manually!
  • Fix: Respect sorted order in SetSort::find.
  • Fix: Respect sorted order of SetSort::merge.


  • Change: Moved the Batman.ViewStore's fetchFromRemote and prefix properties to Batman.config and rename them to fetchRemoteViews and viewPrefix.
  • Fix: Batman.DOM.setStyleProperty will respect !important in all browsers.
  • Fix: Don't intercept middle-click events.


  • Change: Rename Binding to ValueBinding.
  • Fix: Biding to the correct option when loading a <select> element. If the data is null when the binding is created, we bind to an option with an empty string.
  • Fix: Parsing keypaths that begin with numbers.
  • Added: The ability for bindings within subviews to update their values that have been added to the context via data-bind.
  • Deprecated: data-confirm event attribute.


  • Fix: The prepend and append filters don't prepend/append undefined to the string if the value is undefined. data-bind="undefinedValue | append 'my string'" now returns my string and not undefinedmy string.


  • Change: Promise accessors return the result of their promise function, such that promises which return valueA and asynchronously deliver valueB retune the delivered valueB instead of the returned valueA.
  • Change: Class promise accessors are now be recalculated after calling clear, e.g. Product.clear().
  • Added: Batman.Object::_resetPromise.


  • Added: A deprecation mechanism. Putting Batman.developer.deprecated inside a function will log a warning in the console in development mode.
  • Fix: Some cases where clearImmediate would break IE.
  • Fix: IE7 inability to access a character from a string using the index [] notation.
  • Fix: Support all symbols with unescapeHTML. e100aca
  • Fix: Bug in reduce where the reduction function returning undefined caused undesirable return values.
  • Fix: Bug when using arrays of models as the keys of a Batman.Hash.
  • Fix: Ensure that add is only called once when multiple items are added to a SetSort at the same time.


  • Performance: Fight off hoardes of DOM memory leaks.
  • Performance: Speed up Batman.SimpleSet iteration.
  • Performance: Speed up Batman.Property iteration when firing some observers.
  • Performance: Added Two levels of caching for _batman ansestors.
  • Performance: Use arrays instead of sets in hot functions.
  • Performance: Remove splats in hot functions.
  • Performance: Avoid creating EventEmitter events when not necessary.
  • Fix: Watson and Tiller integration.

0.13.1 (September 13th, 2012)

Patch Release

Bug Fixes

  • Make the prepend and append filters use the empty string if passed undefined (#543)
  • Fix a bug with InsertionBinding throwing DOM exceptions if the bound keypath changed from a falsy value to another falsy value. (#512)
  • Fix a bug with the solo build throwing errors on load due to a missing semicolon with reqwest. (#552)

0.13.0 (September 11th, 2012)

Major Release

Breaking Changes:

  • Removed top level DOM helpers from the Batman namespace and moved them to the Batman.DOM namespace. The moved helpers are setInnerHTML, propagateBindingEvent, propagateBindingEvents, trackBinding, onParseExit, forgetParseExit, setStyleProperty, destroyNode, removeOrDestroyNode, insertBefore, addEventListener, removeEventListener, hasAddEventListener, preventDefault, stopPropagation, and appendChild.
  • Moved the DOM helpers which could be expressed using platform specific code into the platform adapters. This means that Batman.DOM.setInnerHTML will use jQuery.fn.html when using the jQuery platform adapter and the old implemention when using solo. Affected helpers are querySelector, querySelectorAll, appendChild, removeNode, destroyNode, and setInnerHTML,
  • Removed support for daemonizing the batman server tool.


  • Add Controller::handleError(), Controller::errorHandler(), and Controller.catchError for regstering error handlers and wrapping callbacks to automatically handle errors coming back from async operations.
  • Remove Model.lifecycle (Model::lifecycle still exists) and switched to loading and loaded events instead so that multiple loads can occur at the same time.
  • Formalize error objects returned from RestStorage. eg, UnprocessableEntityError comes back from a 422 response. These error objects also have reference to the env for the operation as well as the request.
  • Allow Model.persist to take more than one object to mixin to the storage adapter.
  • Add record.get('isDirty') as a shortcut to check if a model is in the dirty state.

Bug Fixes

  • Make hasMany associations use the same sets before and after a record has an ID. (#537)
  • Make belongsTo associations replace the proxy object in the parent's property after the association is loaded.
  • Make IteratorBinding recover gracefully when the bound collection returns undefined for toArray.
  • Fix a bug in EventBinding where proxied values could cause non existant event handlers to fire causing browser errors.
  • Fix routing bugs surrounding regexp indexes in IE8.
  • Made EventBindings not interfere with control or command clicks instead of calling the handler regardless of what modifier keys were pressed.
  • Fix underscoring in route names for nested member and collection routes. (#547)
  • Made filters which can't operate on null not operate on null.

0.12.0 (August 23rd, 2012)

Major Release

Breaking Changes:

  • Switch the interpretation of Model.url and Model::url to respect absolute and relative routes, and only in the case of relative routes prepend the urlPrefix.
  • Ensure that lifecycle events happen on models before validation takes place.


  • Add Model.createFromJSON as a shortcut for booting models from JSON and sticking them in the identity map
  • Add the as option to Model.encode which allows serialization into a key other than the key mentioned in encode
  • Add Rails style optional route segments with ()
  • Add a trim filter
  • Give most validations the allowBlank option to force them to pass if the value is undefined or the empty string
  • Add an AssociatedValidator added by calling Model.validate 'name', associated: true
  • Make Controllers stop executing the rest of the action when a redirect occurs in a beforeFilter.
  • Add a Proxy class for proxying an object
  • Allow EventEmitter::on to take more than one key to attach a handler to


  • Fix a bug where radio buttons didn't quite work properly if their value HTML attributes were strings (#500)
  • Fix a bug where views would render when given a node regardless if their source was present or not. (#501)
  • Fix a bug with the pluralize filter not working correctly when passed "0" (#520)
  • Switch to not changing the URL in the address bar on 404s. (#524)
  • Fix a bug where redirecting during an existing redirect sequence would cause the oldest instead of the newest path to end up in the URL bar. (#536)
  • Ensure that lifecycle events happen on models before validation takes place.

0.11.2 (July 17th, 2012)

Really Minor Release

  • Add the association extend option to allow mixing in an object to an association Rails style

0.11.1 (July 11th, 2012)

Minor Release

  • Add Batman.DOM.querySelector and Batman.DOM.querySelectorAll helpers to wrap whatever methods are available for doing such things
  • Add the key an observer is on to the arguments passed to the observe
  • Switch the or filter to be a real boolean ||
  • Make the inferred view class a Controller checks for when rendering play nice with nested routing keys
  • Add the encodeForeignKey option to belongs to associations to allow disabling of the foreign key encoding.


  • Fix a race condition surrounding data-defineview sometimes causing views to be fetched from the server (#476)
  • Make autogenerated route names match the rest of the named routes generated (using . instead of CamelCaseing)
  • Fix Controller to allow operations to take place after an action without issue
  • Make the default filter check for both blank strings or non existing values
  • Fix model dirty tracking to really keep track of the clean value (#482)
  • Mark AssociationSets as loaded if their parent is a new record and that parent is saved

0.11.0 (June 25th, 2012)

Minor Release (but it changes major node versions)

  • Improve $setImmediate performance on node
  • Remove the "bind to an object full of keys pointing to keypaths" functionality from StyleBinding due to complexity and underuse.
  • Add Hash.meta.toArray accessors and enumerability
  • Make RestStorage respect URLs passed to it in options, say, from Model.Request
  • Add SetComplement for getting a set of items in one set but not another. This complements SetIntersect and SetUnion quite nicely if you ask me.
  • Make Set use a user land quality test for membership checks. This means two objects which aren't === can define isEqual to return true and only one will end up in a Set.
  • Ensure records can save successfully after failing validation once before.
  • Rename Object._objectID to Object._batmanID
  • Remove Batman.Request::cancel and the extra setImmediate required for its implementation.
  • Add data-insertif and data-removeif bindings which downright remove nodes from the DOM instead of CSS'ing them away.
  • Make the automatic application of resource URLs on the server to Models no longer automatic and instead an option on the association macro
  • Add special behaviour for params['#'] in controller actions to scroll to an element with that ID if it exists
  • Make Controller after filters run truely after the action's operations have completed. This is to say after render and DOM insertion.
  • Make URI mutable and add a toString to get back the URI string.
  • Allow view classes to declare they aren't cacheable.
  • Add a regexp validator accessible with @validates 'foo', pattern: /foo/
  • Give ValidationErrors a fullMessage accessor which does the i18n stuff.
  • Add the humanize helper to Batman.helpers and to Batman.Filters


  • Prevent unloaded but autoloading associations from autoloading during encoding.
  • Fix dirtyKey tracking when the value is set to null or undefined after having an initial value.
  • Properly propagate changes into JS land when text is pasted into inputs when supported by browsers.
  • Make currentURL, currentRoute and currentParams available during beforeFilters.
  • Fix the generators to a) work and b) generate more modern code.
  • Fix a bug in the HasManyAssociation decoder which could result in duplicate entries being added to the identity map when nested associations were decoded.

0.10.0 (May 30th, 2012)

Major Release

  • Refactor StateMachine class to be its own class with transitions, callbacks, and predicates
  • Reimplement the Model lifecycle as a StateMachine residing at .get('lifecycle')
  • Implement load pipelining to multiplex multiple load calls to the same outgoing request if a second call is issued while a first is pending
  • Add the @option class macro to Views to allow the declaration of data-view-myargument="keypath" argument passing to custom views
  • Make the Model @encode macro use the default unit function for the absent options if only an encode or decode option is passed.
  • Make @urlNestsUnder allow multiple levels of nesting
  • Add a RenderCache clas which will cache major views rendered by Controller::render
  • Make Controller use previously rendered views from the RenderCache instead of rendering new ones
  • Remove the ability for views to be "container nodes". Views now have one root node always.
  • Make View insertion and removal indempotent, including with regards to yields. This means that if a view is removed from the DOM, it will retract nodes yielded elsewhere, and when reinserted, it will reinsert those yields into contentfors.
  • Add View::inInDOM() to ask a view if it is currently in the DOM or not, which indicates if it is safe to destroy.
  • Add behaviour to SelectBinding to update the JS land value with the first selected option if no JS land value was present.
  • Add SetIndex#forEach for looping over sets corresponding to particular values.
  • Add Controller#executeAction for executing other actions within a parent action
  • Add Enumerable#inGroupsOf for getting an enumerable partitioned into groups of a particular length
  • Make Batman.helpers.pluralize act more like the Rails version and not include the count when called in JS land.
  • Expose RestStorageAdapter's environment allowing access to the meta information surrounding a request.
  • Move Paginator into an extra so people not using don't pay the filesize penalty
  • Remove unimplemented ability to have multiple storage adapters on Models.
  • Add get, put, post, and delete actions to RestStorage for doing "non-standard" requests while still using the nice request adapter pipeline
  • Add Model.request for sending nonstandard requests instead of having to use raw Batman.Requests
  • Add ability for NamedRouteQuery to accept arguments which aren't full objects and are the value of the params. "data-route='routes.customers[1]' instead of "data-route='routes.customers[customer]'"
  • Add the $extend helper, which is a lightweight $mixin which doesn't use set.
  • Add ability to not include the count in the pluralize helper
  • Add minification saftey warnings and the requirement for resourceName to be defined on Model subclasses and routingKey to be defined on Controller subclasses
  • Add the isNew accessor to Models
  • Add a Batman.URI class
  • Add node v0.7 compatibility and remove v0.4 compatibility
  • Unified params serialization to use Batman.URI.paramsFromQuery
  • Let the implicit @render call in controller actions be configurable via Controller::defaultRenderYield
  • Add observeOnce for observing a property change and then immediately removing the observer after the first time it fires.


  • Update QUnit to 1.5
  • Updated to CoffeeScript 1.3.2
  • Updated Alfred example to the TodoMVC version
  • Break out classes into seperate files compiled by snockets.


  • Fix serialization of null to end up as null in JSON or absent in post bodies (#364, #365)
  • Fix filter argument parsing to support string literals and object literals in more cases (#373)
  • Make select bindings more cautious about updating the JS land property on first bind (#377, #378)
  • Fix click event propagation around RouteBindings
  • Make NamedRouteQuery not loudly error with undefined params.
  • Fix Model.get('all') to always load even if other loads have occurred already (#401)
  • Stop Model operations from adding erroneous sources to enclosing accessors. (#406)
  • Fix Request sending in IE8 when the File object doesn't exist.
  • Fix a bug where filter args could be carried over between executions (#438)
  • Fix file uploads using jQuery
  • Ensure filters receive undefined for absent arguments

0.9.0 (April 1, 2012)

Really Major Release

  • Add node v0.6.x support
  • Add documentation.
  • Benchmarking suite added
  • Add Batman.SessionStorage storage adapter for using the sessionStorage host object
  • Make <select> bindings populate JS land values if an option has the selected attribute.
  • Add data-view bindings for instantiating custom Batman.View subclasses
  • Add support for closure compiler
  • Add AMD loader support
  • Add JS implementation of ActiveSupport::Inflector for pluralization and ordinalization
  • Pass the RenderContext to event handlers called by data-event bindings.
  • Add support for string data in batman.solo and batman.node
  • Make view.set('node') work like one might expect (deffering rendering until the node is present)
  • Add Model.clear for busting the identity map.
  • Add Batman.Property.withoutTracking helper for swallowing dependencies in accessor bodies
  • Add SetUnion and SetIntersection
  • Add withArguments filter for currying arguments to event handlers
  • Add decoding of ISO-8601 dates to RailsStorage, optionally with timezones
  • Add FileBinding for binding
  • Swtich data-route bindings into real bindings and add a named route query syntax (routes)
  • Ensure bindings with filters become simple one way JS -> DOM bindings, since we can't always unfilter
  • Add Enumerable.mapToProperty for fetching a single property of a bunch of items in a collection
  • Formalize data-formfor bindings to have handy functionality like adding error classes to inputs bound to invalid fields and adding a list of errors to the form if an element with a .errors class exists
  • Major routing system refactor to support nested resources declarations and the named routes syntax
  • Add replace filter
  • Add Set.find(f) which returns the first item in the set for which f(item) is truthy
  • Add binding content escaping, and thus the escape and raw filters
  • Make AssociationSets fire a loaded event
  • Refactor the RenderContext stack into a proper tree with one root node to limit memory usage
  • Add ability to give false as the value of encode or decode when adding encoders to omit that half of the process
  • Add polymorphic belongsTo and hasMany associations
  • Add @promiseAccessor for easy wrapping of asynchronous operations into eventually defined accessors
  • Add Batman.View.event('appear'), beforeAppear, disappear, and beforeDisapper which will fire as views enter and exit the dom
  • Reimplement Hash storage mechanism for greater speed and less memory usage
  • Reimplement Set storage mechanism for greater speed and less memory usage. Note: this changes set iteration order.
  • Reimplement event storage mechanism for similar speed and less memory usage
  • Add wrapAccessor macro for redefinining accessors in terms of their old implementations
  • Add urlNestsUnder macro to Model for easy definiton of nested backend routes
  • Add EventEmitter::once for attaching handlers which autoremove themselves
  • Add Batman.getPath for doing recursive gets on properties without encoding the key seperator


  • Process bindings in a consistent order (#204)
  • Ensure attribute bindings bind undefined as the empty string (#245)
  • Ensure RestStorage passes the proper Content-type on POST and PUT operations.
  • Make data-target bind immediately and populate the JS land value at that time
  • Fix bugs surrounding replacing classes with spaces (#305, #361)
  • Ensure encoding and decoding respect custom primary keys
  • Fix a slew of bugs surrounding associations to custom primary keys
  • Fix textarea bindings to set the value across all browsers
  • Add proper bindings for HTML5 inputs like type=search, type=tel, and so on
  • Ensure event handlers on yielded content are not destroyed during yielding
  • Ensure showif bindings work regardless of the node's initial CSS (#261)
  • Support controllers named AppController (#326)
  • Ensure model classes don't inherit parent class state (#340)
  • Ensure SetSort properly propagates length property (#355)
  • Ensure non-existent models don't get added to the identity map (#366)
  • Ensure data-route bindings stop event propagation (#369)

0.8.0 (November 22, 2011)

Major Release

  • Add Batman.StateHistory for pushState navigation support
  • View source html can be prefetched via View.viewSourceCache.prefetch
  • Major refactoring of view bindings into class based hierarchy
  • Add data-defineview to allow view sources to be declared inline
  • Add Association support to Model via Model.hasOne, Model.hasMany, Model.belongsTo
  • Add smart AssociationProxy objects which support reloading
  • Add support for loading associations with inline JSON
  • Add support for ? and ! in property names and keypaths
  • Store the current params on the Batman.currentApp for introspection.
  • Add ParamsReplacer and ParamsPusher as smart objects which when set, update the global params, pushState or replaceState, and redirect.
  • Add Hash::update, Hash::replace, and Set::update
  • Add Set::indexedByUnique
  • Add Batman.contains for membership testing and accompanying has filter
  • Add support for JSONP requests in batman.solo
  • Add final property support to optimize observing properties which will never change
  • Add Batman.version
  • Add support for customizable render targets in Controller::render


  • Hash::clear now fires observers for cleared keys
  • Properties are no longer retained if they aren't being observed to reduce memory usage
  • IteratorBinding can have its sibling node changed without erroring
  • Filter arguments can be keypaths which start on or descend through POJOs
  • data-context now correctly only takes effect for its child nodes
  • data-event-* has a catchall to attach event listeners for any event
  • Made work in IE7
  • Made Batman.Model properly inherit storage adapters
  • Made data-bind-style bindings camelize keys
  • Fixed major memory leaks around Bindings never being garbage collected via
  • Made Renderer::stop work if called before the renderer started
  • Stop mixing Observable into window to error earlier when accidental sets and gets are done on window
  • Fix memory leaks around View instances never being garbage collected
  • Fix memory leaks around IteratorBinding instances growing with time
  • Fix memory leaks around SetIndex observing all items forever
  • Fix sets on POJOs from keypaths
  • Fix batman.solo to properly encode GET params
  • Fix Model::toJSON and Model::fromJSON to)deal with falsey values like any other
  • Remove ability for View instances to have either context or contexts, and unify on context.
  • Fix error thrown if the main yield didn't exist
  • Made the extras files requirable in node
  • Fix an invalid data bug when receiving large responses using batman.node
  • Fix JSON de-serialization when receiving collection responses using batman.node
  • Fix support for non numeric model IDs
  • Fix data-partial and data-yield to stop introducing superfluous divs.

0.7.5 (October 25, 2011)

Major Maintenance Release

  • pagination through Batman.Paginator and Batman.ModelPaginator
  • nested resources routes
  • unknown params passed to urlFor will be appended to the query string
  • App.layout accepts a class name which will automatically instantiate that class upon load
  • Controller::render accepts an into option, which lets you render into a yield other than main
  • yield/contentFor/replace are now animatable through show/hide
  • interpolate filter
  • pleasant reminders if you seem to have forgotten some encoders
  • removing nodes will destroy all their bindings
  • Batman.setImmediate for fast stack popping


  • App.ready is now a oneShot event
  • App.controller/model/view are now only available in development
  • data-foreach (through Iterator) is now entirely deferred
  • better support for input type='file'
  • sets within gets don't register sources
  • fixes several memory leaks
  • better view html caching

0.7.0 (October 12, 2011)

Major Maintenance Release

  • added extras folder
  • start of i18n features
  • overhauled event system, which properties are now clients of (requires code changes)
  • Property::isolate and Property::expose will prevent a property from firing dependent observers
  • data-contentFor will now append its content to its data-yield
  • data-replace will replace the content of its data-yield
  • descending SetSorts
  • Batman.App fires a loaded event when all dependencies are loaded
  • Batman.App.currentRoute property for observing
  • allow controller#action syntax in data-route


  • use persistent tree structure for RenderContext
  • keep track of bindings and listeners with
  • correctly free bindings and listeners
  • coerce string IDs into integers when possible in models
  • accessors are memoized
  • suppress developer warnings in tests
  • don't match non data-* attributes
  • fix data-bind-style

0.6.1 (September 27, 2011)

Maintenance Release

  • added Batman.Enumerable
  • added support for multi-select boxes
  • added, a new adapter for use within Rails
  • added developer namespace for easy debugging (it gets stripped out in building)
  • one way bindings have been changed to data-source and data-target to avoid ambiguity
  • added data-bind support for input type='file'
  • added data-event-doubleclick
  • added length filter
  • added trim helper
  • Controller.resources creates a new route instead of destroy
  • Model.find will always return the shared record instance. you can then bind to this and when the data comes in from the storage adapter, your instance will be updated
  • added Model::findOrCreate
  • added Model::updateAttributes
  • allow storage adapters to specific their namespace with storageKey
  • storage adapter filter callbacks take errors
  • added App.ready event that fires once the layout is ready in the DOM
  • normalize status/statusCode in Batman.Request
  • hashes now have meta objects to non-obtrusively bind metadata like length
  • the property keyword is no longer reserved


  • Controller.afterFilter was missing
  • hash history uses Batman.DOM.addEventListener
  • routes such as data-route="Model/new" will route correctly
  • fix Batman.DOM.removeEventListener so it doesn't depend on document
  • fire rendered event after all children have been rendered
  • model methods can be used as event handlers
  • animation methods called with node as context
  • data-event works within the binding system
  • simpler model identity mapper
  • SortableSet::clear invalidates sort indices
  • IE: doesn't have (move things into $functionName)
  • IE: doesn't support isSameNode
  • IE: doesn't support removeEventListener (use detachEvent instead)
  • IE: fix $typeOf for undefined objects
  • IE: event dispatching fixes
  • IE: include json2.js in the tests

0.6.0 (September 13, 2011)

Major Maintenance Release

  • added Batman.Accessible, a simple object wrapper around an accessor
  • added Batman.SetSort for getting a sorted version of a set which automatically watches the source set and propagates changes
  • added Batman.SetIndex for getting a filtered version of a set which automatically watches the source set and propagates changes
  • added after filters to Batman.Controller
  • moved Batman.Model attributes into an attributes hash to avoid namespace collisions with model state.
  • added for safely attaching JS objects to DOM nodes
  • added support for many [] style gets in filters
  • added asymmetric bindings (data-read and data-write)
  • ensured Batman objects are instantiated using new (#65)
  • added support for radio button value bindings (#81)
  • added Batman.Encoders to store built in encoders, and added Batman.Encoders.RailsDate
  • added status to Batman.Request, normalizing XHR object's status/statusCode
  • added proper parameter serialization to the batman.solo platform adapter


  • fixed batman server options (batman -b server works as expected)
  • fixed binding to submit events on forms (#6)
  • fixed Renderer's ready events to fire when all child renderers have returned (#13)
  • fixed textarea value bindings to work as expected (#20)
  • made bindings to undefined populate their nodes with an empty string instead of "undefined" (#21)
  • made data-foreach, data-formfor, data-context, and data-mixin all work as expected when the collection/object being bound changes (#22)
  • fixed LocalStorage's primaryKey generation (#27)
  • made Request send the proper content type (#35)
  • made the current application always appear on the context stack (#46, #48)

  • made @render false prevent render on a controller action (#50)

  • made data-foreach work with cleared sets and many additions/removals (#52, #56, #67)
  • made empty bindings work (#54)
  • made Sets not leak attributes when given items to add in the constructor (#66)
  • prevented @redirect from entering a redirect loop when using hashchange events (#70)
  • made showif and hideif bindings play nice with inline elements (#71)
  • made jQuery record serialization work with RestStorage (#80)
  • made Model.get('all') implicitly load (#85)
  • fixed binding to state on models (#95)
  • made Hash accept keys containing "." (#98)

0.5.1 (August 25, 2011)

Maintenance Release

  • batman server is now batman serve (or still batman s)
  • Configure the hostname for the server with -h
  • CI support with Travis


  • RestStorage uses correct HTTP methods and contentType
  • Some improvements for batman new, more coming in 0.5.2
  • DOM manipulation performance improvement

Known issues:

  • Apps generated with batman new are somewhat broken
  • Generators allow too many non-alphanumeric characters

0.5.0 (August 23, 2011)

Initial Release

Known issues:

  • Inflector support is naive
  • Code is too big
  • Performance hasn't been investigated
  • Filters don't support async results
  • Model error handling is callback based

Missing features:

  • Model assosciations
  • Model scopes
  • Model pagination
  • Push server
  • Documentation