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Fix bug when removing a css class #361

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When removing a css class name from a list of names, replace with a space char to ensure class="one two three" doesnt become class="onethree". I've also tweaked a test to catch this scenario.

@airhorns airhorns merged commit 31cad7e into from
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Commits on Mar 17, 2012
  1. @johnthethird
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2  src/
@@ -4991,7 +4991,7 @@ class Batman.DOM.AddClassBinding extends Batman.DOM.AbstractAttributeBinding
if !!value is !@invert
@node.className = "#{currentName} #{name}" if !includesClassName
- @node.className = currentName.replace(pattern, '') if includesClassName
+ @node.className = currentName.replace(pattern, ' ') if includesClassName
class Batman.DOM.EventBinding extends Batman.DOM.AbstractAttributeBinding
6 tests/batman/view/
@@ -51,19 +51,21 @@ asyncTest 'it should allow multiple class names to be bound and updated', ->
equal node[0].className, 'bar baz'
-asyncTest 'it should allow an already present class to be removed', 4, ->
- source = '<div data-removeclass-two="bar" class="zero two"></div>'
+asyncTest 'it should allow an already present class to be removed', 6, ->
+ source = '<div data-removeclass-two="bar" class="zero two three"></div>'
context = Batman
foo: true
bar: false
helpers.render source, context, (node) ->
ok node.hasClass('zero')
ok node.hasClass('two')
+ ok node.hasClass('three')
context.set 'bar', true
delay ->
ok node.hasClass('zero')
ok !node.hasClass('two')
+ ok node.hasClass('three')
asyncTest 'it should not remove an already present similar class name', 6, ->
source = '<div data-removeclass-foobar="bar" class="zero bar"></div>'
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