Listen to your emails with gmreader. An app that reads your gmail messages right to you.
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current version: v0.1.4

Listen to your emails with gmreader ( google mail reader ). A program that reads your gmail messages right to you.

Simply input you email address and password to run the program. gmreader reads your unseen emails from recent to old. You must have a Mac OSX or Linux machine in order to run gmreader. And if you have linux, espeak must be installed on your computer, but it usually comes with the pre-installed packages.

Note: Spam emails and emails formatted similarly are often read incompletely or voided as Undefinable

Tested on: Mac OSX Snow Leopard and Ubuntu 12.10


To download and install gmreader, you must follow the instructions below.


  • Python
  • Linux -> Should come with espeak; if not, install via sudo apt-get install espeak.
  • Mac -> Just a working computer.

Install via PIP

$ pip install gmreader

Install via

First you need to get a copy of the source. I'm going to use git and clone it to my local computer.

Clone the repository into a folder

git clone gmreader

Install with

$ cd gmreader
$ python install


Run default program

$ gmreader
Email Address:

Run with arguments

$ gmreader mypassword123


See the file LICENSE to view the MIT License


If you would like to contact me for further information on the project, see the info below.


Github: jawerty

Twitter: @jawerty